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When Unicorns Attack


…are as elusive as unicorns. We almost never see them mentioned anywhere.

And yet there it was on Friday the day after Thanksgiving…

Nov 29 London Bridge stabbing attack – ‘terrorist incident’
Nov 30 Narwhal tusk, fire extinguisher used to tackle attacker
Nov 30 London Bridge attack – summary

…a “terror attack” on London Bridge involving, almost inexplicably, a narwhal tusk! (Hat tip to readers Dominic, Ozz, and others.)

This was – at least for us here on Super Torch Ritual – a “unicorn” signal/event, confirming a pattern we had identified beforehand.

Narwhals are found primarily in the Arctic waters, colloquially called the “unicorn of the sea” and scientifically known as Monodon monoceros meaning “one tooth one horn“. Monoceros is also a Unicorn constellation in the sky near Orion, the same constellation we’ve been highlighting since about a week before the London Bridge attack, involving a meteor shower peaking on the night of November 21st…

Nov 21 Rare ‘Unicorn Meteor Shower’ Could Light Up Skies
Nov 22 Unicorn Meteor Shower did produce modest outburst

…coinciding (accurate to the hour) with Elon Musk’s now infamous unveiling of the already iconic Tesla Cybertruck.

Nov 21 Unicorn Cybertruck
Nov 22 Simulated Unicorn meteor impact

So a “unicorn impact” event…

Nov 08 Elon Musk gloats to hedge fund adversary over Tesla surge, calling David Einhorn ‘Mr. Unicorn’

…accompanied by an Orange/Golden Apple Alignment (highlighted beforehand)…

…followed by another “unicorn impact” event a week later…

…during Thanksgiving aka Turkey Day weekend.

Telling because the Trojan War, one of the most important events in Greek mythology, was a result of a “Golden Apple of Discord” thrown into wedding banquet by Eris the goddess of chaos, triggering a chain reaction that would lead to the destruction of Troy, a semi-historical city located in what is now Turkey.

“Trojan War” thus implies “Turkey War” and that is exactly what we saw in October.

Our article “Sum of All Fears” delved into this and stressed the significance of the Golden Apple or interchangeably orange in the current multicontextual pattern, pointing out its relevance to the Trump impeachment drama which was entering a critical phase with a series of public hearings in Washington in November…

Nov 12 Public impeachment hearings begin
Nov 13 Witnesses detail shadow Ukraine pressure campaign
Nov 15 Trump’s very historic and very bad week

…all about Trump and Ukraine. Like Trump, Ukraine is unequivocally orange via the Orange Revolution (Nov 22, 2004-Jan 23, 2005)…

the world event that prompted us to start referring to the Mercury-Sun-Venus heliocentric alignment as the “Orange Alignment” 15 years ago.

Long story short, it was an “as above, so below” situation with the Orange Revolution commencing down here on Earth while above in the heavens was this planetary alignment forming also expressing “orange”.

Fast-forward to November 2019: A highly telling combination of an Orange/Golden Apple Alignment, a unicorn meteor shower, a unicorn Cybertruck event… on the anniversary of the “original” Orange Alignment…

right in the midst of a presidential impeachment inquiry all about Ukraine.


A pattern is a pattern, not something you can deny. We can however debate what it could mean or foreshadow…

By and large, nothing good, like oranges preceding deaths in the Godfather movies. Oranges are golden apples, interchangeable in many languages, and golden apples are synonymous with engendering chaos a la the Trojan War.

Ominously the 2 month-long Orange Revolution peaked on December 26 with a revote that gave the revolution a sweet victory. This was the exact day that also saw a cataclysmic Great Flood, the likes of which we had never seen, unleashed in the form of a Sumatra mega quake/tsunami killing whopping 228,000 people in 14 countries around the Indian Ocean.

Plus the whole “Wormwood” omen scheme…

…suggesting a Deep Impact event symbolically stemming from the Book of Revelation, resonating with the Unicorn meteor/Cybertruck impact signal (Nov 21-23)…

…and of course the 2019 Super Bowl omen (video) we keep highlighting…

…featuring a giant “M”, an esoteric shorthand for “Mary”, meaning “sea of bitterness” exactly matching Revelation’s description of “Wormwood”…

…underscored by a brief scene of trumpets immediately preceding the “Deep Impact” sequence at the Super Bowl (watch).

1 And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.
2 And I saw the seven angels which stood before God; and to them were given seven trumpets. […]
5 And the angel took the censer, and filled it with fire of the altar, and cast [it] into the earth: and there were voices, and thunderings, and lightnings, and an earthquake.
6 And the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound. […]
10 And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;
11 And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

And the punch line…

“Wormwood” is “Chernobyl” (meaning “common wormwood”) – i.e. a Ukrainian city synonymous with “nuclear disaster“. Fresh on many people’s minds thanks to HBO’s chilling miniseries all about Chernobyl back in May-June, asking…

“What is the cost of lies?”

Answer: Near extinction-level event.

It’s a serious pattern/countdown. And here comes December to remember…

[Sep 23 “Wormwoodgate”]

…including the impeachment (something we hinted before Pelosi’s official House impeachment inquiry announcement back in September).

All interconnected, even the incoming interstellar “Wormwood” comet Borisov, discovered by a Ukrainian amateur astronomer, opening the water gate in December…

Enough foreshadowing?

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Appendix 1

It wasn’t just an “M”. It was also a “V” (see above), esoterically signifying the Holy Grail thus yet another allusion to Mary often identified with the semi-mythical relic. But together, VM = Virgin Mary, an interpretation already confirmed through numerous world events including and most notably the dramatic fire that nearly destroyed the Paris Notre Dame cathedral back in April (Notre Dame= Our Lady = Virgin Mary).

[“Paris” the Trojan prince associated with a torch was a central figure in the lead-up to the Trojan War directly involving the Golden Apple.]

Turns out, the unicorn is closely associated with the Virgin Mary per medieval/Renaissance tradition:

…a unicorn, trapped by a maiden (representing the Virgin Mary), stood for the Incarnation. As soon as the unicorn sees her, it lays its head on her lap and falls asleep. This became a basic emblematic tag that underlies medieval notions of the unicorn, justifying its appearance in every form of religious art… [S]ome religious writers interpret the unicorn and its death as the Passion of Christ. The myths refer to a beast with one horn that can only be tamed by a virgin; subsequently, some writers translated this into an allegory for Christ’s relationship with the Virgin Mary.

What’s more fundamental to “Christ’s relationship with the Virgin Mary” than the Virgin giving birth to her messianic child? It’s of course an event celebrated every year on Christmas, December 25th, closely coinciding with Comet Borisov’s closest approach to Earth this year (~Dec 28) and the anniversary of the Sumatra “Great Flood” on Dec 26.

But before that, the Immaculate Conception…

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Appendix 2

The London Bridge stabbing attack made sure it had an orange connection by taking place simultaneously with another stabbing attack (same day) in the Netherlands – a nation identified with the color orange.

Nov 29 3 people wounded in stabbing attack in The Hague, Netherlands

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Appendix 3

UK… royal family… Holy Blood, Holy Grail… Leonardo da Vinci… Super Bowl omen.

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