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Super Torch Ritual

Unicorn Cybertruck

Unicorn above, Cybertruck below. In a cosmic coincidence, tonight’s unveiling event of Tesla Blade Runner “Cybertruck” scheduled for 11 pm ET/US (likely to be pushed back a bit)…

will coincide with a potential rare burst of a meteor shower known as the Alpha Monocerotid or “unicorn meteor shower” predicted to last for 15 to 40 minutes from 11:50 pm EST (4:50 GMT). [Hat tip to reader Ed D.]

Just earlier this month (Nov 8) Tesla chief Elon Musk made news in connection with “Mr. Unicorn“.

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[P.S. Doesn’t make much difference either way but: “That Epic Meteor Outburst Tonight May Be a Bust, NASA Scientist Says“.]