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Notre Dame: The Da Vinci Fire

A terrible tragedy in Paris today as we witness the destruction of Notre Dame Cathedral in a massive fire engulfing the whole structure. The entire world is transfixed by the surreal sight of such a beautiful historic building burning to the ground (almost).

This qualifies as a “Deep Impact” event. In Paris and on April 15

…which means in this disaster we are also witnessing the latest instance of a multicontextual pattern we recognized beforehand (months in advance) getting fulfilled before our eyes. STR readers/members are fully aware of this.

Here is from “Super Bowl crystal ball” (premium article) published here on February 8th highlighting both “April 15” and “Paris”:

— [Excerpt from “Super Bowl crystal ball” (Feb 8, 2019)] —

The other key date/window telegraphed at the Super Bowl is mid April anchored by Patriots’ Day which is April 15th this year (originally April 19).

This can be inferred once again from the “MV” stage [in this year’s Super Bowl halftime show]:

[Where “Deep Impact” takes place (watch video)…]

Esoterically “M” is a shorthand for Mary Magdalene, and through whom the Holy Grail (the two are more or less interchangeable). Anyone who is familiar with the modern Grail mystery stemming from Holy Blood, Holy Grail would recognize the significance of the “M” symbol . The same goes for “V“, a vase-shaped letter alluding to the holy chalice.

By highlighting both “M” and “V” simultaneously, the Super Bowl was screaming“Holy Grail” as well as “The Da Vinci Code“…

…which directly tells the reader/viewer about the “V” (Grail) shape in Leonardo’s Last Supper

…which is also part of an “M” shape made by Jesus and “Mary Magdalene” next to him (though officially “John”).

The other world-famous Leonardo masterpiece on the cover of The Da Vinci Code, the Mona Lisa, is currently in the Louvre museum in Paris at the eastern end of the Axe historique

…exactly where “symbolist” Robert Langdon ends up locating the body of Mary Magdalene – the Holy Grail – buried right under the glass pyramids in The Da Vinci Code.

As I pointed out recently the Feb 3 Super Bowl coincided with the Paris axis’s sunrise alignment in the direction of the Louvre or in the direction of the Mona Lisa.

Extended westward the axis pinpoints Houston and Corpus Christi (“Body of Christ” i.e. Holy Grail) in Texas. The other major axis called the Champ de Mars where the Eiffel Tower stands pinpoints Los Angeles home to the Los Angeles Rams who played in the Super Bowl

…and lost to the New England Patriots who in turn also resonate with The Da Vinci Code thanks to this year’s Patriots Day falling on April 15 which happens to coincide with… Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday!

Combined with April 19/Good Friday/original Patriots’ Day already considered significant even before the Super Bowl…

Jan 27 Sacrifice for Atlantis?
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…we can definitely sense an energy spike around mid April.

— [End excerpt from Super Bowl crystal ball“] —

And here we are, on April 15th, seeing any “energy spike”? Right inside Paris? Both time and location pinpointed beforehand.

Our recent updates in the past few days had specifically noted the intensification of this very pattern:

Apr 12 Spacetime canal
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Apr 13 Whispers Through Stargate

Note that the Super “V” (Maroon V’s Super Bowl stage)…

…also evoked the Virgin (Mary) as in “Our Lady” or “Notre Dame“.

Virginia” also expressed just days ago…

Twice. (The first-ever image of a black hole located in constellation Virgo the Virgin.)

So on and so forth.

It’s only through such accurate predictions that we can demonstrate the reality of otherwise “impossible” multicontextual patterns or synchronicities we deal with here on Super Torch Ritual day in and day out. And we do this regularly unlike anyone else out there. Super Torch Ritual is the only website of its kind that crosses the “event horizon” like this all the time, making time non-linear and demonstrating its reality for all to see.

Apr 12 Spacetime canal
Apr 12 Lucifer’s Stargate – Part 2
Apr 13 Whispers Through Stargate

The pattern is not done yet. It has more “destinations”… Gulp.