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Super Torch Ritual

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Cosmic Inauguration of a President

America thus finds itself in the Hall of Maat with Anubis and the scale and the feather – the moment of truth and judgment. I can’t tell you how it will end, but here is how it began…

Decoding Barcelona terror attack – PART 2

There are more arrows pointing to late August… Will the burning tower/Lucifer finally collapse like on 9/11 late August? …Skynet goes online on August 4th, then all hell breaks loose on August 29th…

Decoding Barcelona terror attack

Deep Impact in Barcelona, Spain today… looking horrific. Timing-wise it did coincide with the August 17-18 window we were watching closely due to the Sun’s alignment with…

American wake-up call

Is America facing a crisis comparable to 9/11?

We are just 4 days away from the Great American Solar Eclipse today and America is already in crisis mode … It’s a unique situation in US history, and it just happens to coincide with the Great American Solar Eclipse, producing a grand “as above, so below” situation.

Weighing of the heart

It’s stunning to see what’s happening in America this month even though we had a pretty good idea as to what kind of events and intensity to expect in August. Just from the temporal context of the solar eclipse we knew a set of alarming themes such as “world war” and “rise of the Nazis” were

Things getting stranger

The “signal” has to do with, naturally, “crossing the Threshold” with emphasis on the “hell gate opening” aspect of it. So, really intriguing stuff. And this hints that the “hell gate opening” in August may well continue into fall (and likely beyond).

Lucifer’s Torch

The dark event of torch-bearing white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 11-12 was only the latest manifestation of a global “Super Torch Ritual” triggered late July. What we have here is a torch burning in darkness… a la Lucifer the light-bearer in the Underworld.

North Korea timing

“…The report is assumed to be referring to the US joint military drills with South Korea, known as the Ulchi-Freedom Guardian, which are scheduled to start August 21.”

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