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A quick note on where we are in the multicontextual pattern we’ve been tracking: “Artificial Great Filter“.

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…February and about March – coming up shortly.

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A summary of the “Memphis” vector created by the “capstone contagion” in January. In effect the “Memphis Pyramid” whispering “capstone”… See:

The Memphis Vector & Phoenix

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Currently the “Capstone Contagion” is morphing into a “mass shooting contagion“. Just as the capstone contagion is intensely lunar in nature, so were the two mass shootings in California the past few days. The first one near Los Angeles (11 killed) came on the Lunar New Year marking the start of the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. The second one yesterday near San Francisco (7 killed) happened in Half Moon Bay. A Chinese assailant and Chinese victims in both shootings. Remember that “Moonfall” heavily entangled with our capstone theme triggered the lunar capstone motif a year ago on February 4th (release), 3 days after the lunar new year, precisely coinciding with the opening of the Beijing (China) Olympics where the “Moonfall” imagery was hard to miss.

It should also be noted that Moonfall has a lot to do with artificial intelligence… and indeed it was in 2022 that the A.I. revolution started particularly with ChatGPT in December. It’s in effect (one of) what came out of the “gates of hell” of 2022, and it’s going to be… well, stay tuned. Tumbling down the rabbit hole…

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Former Pope Benedict XVI is dead on the final day of 2022.

Dec 31 Former Pope Benedict XVI dies at 95

As I anticipated in the Dec 28 post “Final days“:

The countdown to the New Year is now also the countdown to the passing of Pope Benedict XVI.

This would be a rather severe combination of a “kick” and the Great Filter. […]

It’ worth noting that Benedict XVI’s reign ended on February 28, 2013 or only 2 months after the “end” of the Mayan calendar, evoking the “end of an age”. Which is very fitting in the current context.

Also don’t forget the Sirius factor. As I noted in “Nuclear Sirius Countdown” back on Dec 27:

…The helical rising of Sirius also marked [ancient Egyptians’] New Year’s Day.

Even today New Year’s Eve/Day coincides with Earth aligning with Sirius on the opposite side of the Sun.

The New Year’s countdown is thus in effect a “Countdown to Sirius”.

The 2023 New Year’s Day is extra Sirian […]

(See also “Sirius Contagion“.)

And so 2023 begins…

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It’s worth noting that based on ancient Egyptian writings and symbology, there is significant overlap between the capstone (Benben), the phoenix (Bennu), and Sirius, not so subtly reflected in the ancient Egyptians name for the star, “Sopdet” (spdt), meaning “triangle“.

This implies the “Capstone Contagion“currently spreading in reality can turn Sirian and pandemic-related at any moment.

As you may recall, it was right around 2019 that Sirius B was at apoapsis or the farthest point from the primary star, Sirius A, coinciding with the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19 as in “2019”) which started in China late 2019 and then spread to the rest of the world in 2020.

“Capstone contagion” = “Sirius contagion” = “virus contagion”.

A similar condition exists today as we prepare to enter the year 2023. As you may have noticed:

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[Context: See “Capstone Contagion“…]

Another kaboom, this one on the cyber side of things, the day after the Artemis 1 Orion’s splashdown in the Pacific Ocean off California and the day before a nuclear fusion energy breakthrough announcement (part of the “future” pattern we’re now tracking including artificial intelligence).

Dec 12 FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried arrested in Bahamas

Remember where the Bahamas is… an Atlantean capstone of the Bermuda Triangle…

…which is at the center of 1899.

FTX collapsed due to its illegal activities with Alameda which had that capstone logo.

Alameda was in financial trouble ultimate due to the collapse of Terra Luna or “Earth Moon” back in May. Moonfall… and Artemis 1, which just went to the Moon and came back to Earth. A Terra-Luna mission.

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…so below.

The “Capstone Contagion” is strong with Mars in December… in addition to the Moon. Orion (Artemis 1) will splash down on December 11.

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December is coming and Mars will be important.

Closest to Earth on December 1st, at opposition on December 8th, and vernal equinox (of Mars) on December 26th.

Mars is the “planet of war” and it was exactly on the autumnal equinox of Mars (Feb 24) that Russian invaded Ukraine.

But it goes much deeper than that. Related to the article coming up shortly…

UPDATE: “Capstone Contagion” published.