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A quick note about the symbolism of NASA’s Artemis 1 mega-rocket headed for the Moon (uncrewed) which is rather… nuclear.

The name “Artemis“…

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It’s an expected “as above, so below” situation unfolding right now…

…as a set of overlapping, highly significant celestial configurations we’ve known for many months starts making its “energy” felt in reality…

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Terribly sad days… Felt it beforehand, feeling it afterward.

It keeps happening and it won’t stop… until it’s too late.

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As you may have noticed, the biggest wealth destruction event in crypto history – a black swan event – took place last week starting on May 9th with the total collapse of the Terra LUNA stablecoin/crypto system (LUNA is designed to make Terra stablecoin stable, pegged to the US dollar). While the whole crypto market also plunged around the same time, it was Terra LUNA that was at the epicenter sending huge shockwaves through the system.

It goes without saying that the name “LUNA” means “Moon” and directly interacts with not only the previously-highlighted “super blood moon” total lunar eclipse on May 15-16, but also a larger “lunar deep impact” theme we’ve been highlighting, most notably… Moonfall (released Feb 2022).

“Moonfall” as in LUNA falling. Which is literally what we saw in the LUNA collapse. Wiping out tens of billions of dollars.

And not just LUNA but also Terra, meaning Earth.

Terra (UST) = stablecoin… Then suddenly not stable i.e. “Earth” became unstable. Seismic.


Well, per our previous warnings… the pattern doesn’t end in May.

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Quick note: The total lunar eclipse coming up on May 15-16 belongs to a series of near-identical lunar eclipses classified as “Saros 131” repeating every 18 years + ~11 days.

The one on April 24, 1986 almost exactly coincided with the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine (April 26, 1986); the one before that was on April 13, 1968 closely coinciding with the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. (April 4) followed by Robert F. Kennedy 2 months later. Something of a dark pattern.

The Ukraine/Chernobyl connection is obvious as well as ominous in the context of the dangerous war unfolding in Ukraine since February this year with increasing nuclear implications.

And then there is the “ELE” full moon (Supermoon) in June and basically that whole month…

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It’s official:

Apr 25 Elon Musk buys Twitter for $44bn, will take it private

A huge development in many ways, including the Great Filter. Important to keep in mind: Musk doesn’t do anything not beneficial to his own companies/goals regardless of what he says.

The Great Filter (i.e. go or no go for humanity going beyond earth/physical reality) and Elon Musk go hand in hand. The Great Filter (in my model) is analogous to the “weighing of the heart” test/judgment in the Hall of Ma’at.

Those who fail the test are devoured by Ammit. You may have seen exactly this play out in the new Marvel series “Moon Knight” currently being released on Disney+. No coincidence there. Plus…

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A major pattern confirmation on March 4th arrived in the form of a couple of “nuclear Moon” events erupting simultaneously on the Moon and a nuclear power plant in Ukraine, as anticipated in “Great Filter Warning” (Feb 12).

The wayward rocket lunar impact we knew was coming.

Mar 04 Rocket debris just collided with Moon

Its nuclear counterpart we could only speculate about with trepidation. And then…

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine commencing on February 24 to coincide with the autumn equinox on Mars (planet/god of war).

The Martian summer solstice ~August 25 coincided with the deadly Kabul airport bombing in Afghanistan killing 60 Afghans, 13 US troops. The Martian spring equinox on Feb 7, 2021 coincided with Super Bowl (exact day) accompanied by 3 probes from 3 different nations arriving at Mars within days. A lot more patterns involved in all this. The timing was foreseeable… including something big still looming in ~June.

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February is already just as intense as we thought it would be. And 2022 as a whole…

…well, anyway.

For now (aside from the Russia/Ukraine situation) note the symbolism of the continuation of the Great Filter corona extra” sub-theme via the solar flare-induced geomagnetic storm destroying most of the latest batch of SpaceX’s Starlink satellites early February. Literally an “extra coronal” event as “corona” astronomically refers to the atmosphere or “wind” around the Sun.

Feb 09 SpaceX: Geomagnetic storm doomed 40 Starlink satellites

The symbolism is that of a severed “bridge” to the stars – a “star link” – which is the stuff of the Great Filter i.e. blocked access to the ream beyond Earth.

Not coincidentally down here on the planet…

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…is the stuff of Ma’at, the Hall of Truth and the weighing of the heart, aka (in the 21st-century context) the Great Filter.

STR’s projection has been that 2022 will see an intensification of this “final test” for humanity at the end of history which is commencing as we speak.

A big signal today in the form of Justice Stephen Brewer retiring as reported in the news, something of a political “deep impact” development in the United States which is now set to continue to unfold over the next several months and become a key component of the year 2022, fittingly keeping the idea of justice/judgment as an underlying context in the air for a while.

Jan 16 Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire

Multicontextually speaking (i.e. indirect “whispers”) it’s certainly intriguing/ominous that the name of the Justice, Stephen Breyer, etymologically implies “crown brewer” which…