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One moth later…

Following a remarkable series of “dragon sightings” in February (some updates included below), March is shaping up to be another month overflowing with a nonstop stream of dragon appearances, opening with a bang with Dune: Part Two (trailer) arriving in theaters on March 1st…

…heavily featuring “sandworms” which are…

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A quick note on one particular multicontextual theme currently active in reality:

The Super Bowl on Feb 11

…will be the day after the Chinese New Year of the Dragon on Feb 10

…immediately preceded by a “space dragon” – SpaceX’s Ax-3 Dragon capsule – falling to Earth on February 9.


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A massive earthquake struck Japan on the first day of 2024 at 07:10 UTC (tsunamis observed, structures damaged), only hours after an X-class solar flare erupted on the Sun – the biggest one since 2017 – in the waning hours of 2023 on December 31 at 21:55 UTC. This is literally the beginning… of 2024. Stay tuned.

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Ready for some “interesting” information about 2024 and beyond? Time for limited Disclosure. Stay tuned…

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On the eve of the first anniversary of OpenAI’s ChatGPT release (Nov 30)…

…former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger passed away at age 100 (Nov 29, 2023).

His last article was “The Path to AI Arms Control” published in Foreign Affairs on October 13, 2023. His penultimate book was “The Age of AI: And Our Human Future” published in November 2021 co-authored with Eric Schmidt & Daniel Huttenlocher.

More foreshocks to come like birth pangs as the countdown continues…

[Context: “AGI foreshocks” (Nov 20)]

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The future-changing A.I. drama of the past few days involving OpenAI, Altman, Microsoft… Can you feel it coming? A – G – I

Part of the endgame of reality at the end of history.

UPDATE (Nov 23): OpenAI reportedly had just made a major A.I. breakthrough – known as project “Q*” or “Q Star” – right before Altman’s ouster. Many experts and observers have theorized that the discovery may be directly pertinent to achieving AGI i.e. artificial general intelligence, the Holy Grail of A.I. research which would change everything. OpenAI/Altman has not yet confirmed or denied these speculations. Regardless, the countdown to AGI which is a key component of the end of reality as we know it is definitely underway.

[Link 1, link 2]

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This is a major “as above, so below” omen moment setting the stage for what’s ahead.

Falling from the sky like a fallen angel on September 24th…

[OSIRIS-REx probe bringing back asteroid samples to Earth on Sept. 24]

Coinciding with the maximum brightness of the Morning Star (Venus) September 16-26…

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Venus is now peaking in brightness as the Morning Star or “Lucifer” since it became visible back around August 20.

~Aug 20: Venus becomes Lucifer (Morning Star)
Sep 19: Venus/Lucifer greatest brilliancy

During this period we’ve had a series of significant events as expected including two of the deadliest natural disasters of 2023 back to back, in effect a “Birthquake” (Morocco earthquake) and “water breaking” (Libya floods) expressing…

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The pattern erupts once again and getting much more intense…

Sep 08 Morocco quake kills more than 2,000

[Morocco flag]

[Venus traditionally & astronomically associated with pentagram]

[Earth And Venus Forms a Stunning Pentagrammic Pattern in Space]
[The 5 petals of Venus and its 8-year cycle]

There is a lot to more to the Morocco earthquake’s “awareness” of the theme of the current window. And there are still things looming right ahead of us.

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Context: ‘Lucifer’ Out of the Underworld
[Mid Aug-Sep 2023 = Venus “reborn” as Morning Star = Lucifer]

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It’s not what you think. But at the same time it may lead to what it sounds like. As above, so below, as always.

What we are referring to here is Venus, the closest thing we know in reality to hell.

Venus is even literally “Lucifer“, meaning “morning star” (“light bearer”), which is what Venus is. Not always, but it is now. Because…