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Super Torch Ritual

American “Kick”

We know already future generations will look back to this period in time…

…with Venus conjunction completing a”Mayan” pentagram…

…and see this drama along side the pandemic:

Like the epic events in America 50 years ago (Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam War, etc.) with the Moon landing (1969) and Apollo 13 (1970), we’re in a defining moment in American history. Very similar indeed…

This is America, now in Phase 2 of “the Kick”, as the final dominoes continue to fall…

March 12 Reality Shift 2020
May 25 About the Dragon – Mayan countdown
May 29 It was 50 years ago…

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People can say anything after the fact. Accurate statements before the fact is what counts as real insights. As Super Torch Ritual demonstrates day in and day out, it is possible to “read time” backward and forward, just as we did with this window again.

After the fulfillment of the predicted “Kick” with the arrival of the coronavirus, the likes of which this generation of humanity has never seen, we swiftly moved to pre-highlight the timing of “Phase 2” starting all the way back in March…

March 23 “Virus in the Matrix

It’s been another 8 years since 2012. Venus, Earth and the Sun are once again set to align this year (inferior conjunction ~June 3) […]

“Sirius Trigger” is synonymous with “Flood Trigger”. […]

All of these things along with many other interconnected patterns driving the coronavirus “great flood”… producing a tremendous amount of multicontextual momentum behind it, which is why Super Torch Ritual could see it coming, and it must be assumed given the Sirius-Venus symbolism that we still have the rest of the “Kick” – the shock therapy – looming ahead of us in the summer when Sirius will heliacally rise and when Venus will reach inferior conjunction.

Note: “Floydcan meanflood“, implying the epic Floyd-driven protests = “great flood”. Plus his first name “George” means “farmer (earth-worker)” thus the whole name resonates with the flood of the Nile, bringing fertile sediment to the otherwise barren land, allowing the Egyptian civilization to flourish there. Part of a divine cosmic cycle, the annual Nile inundation was considered “triggered” every summer by the heliacal rising of Sirius.

March 26 “Atlas Revelation – Part 2

Patterns and themes converging. A major blip in the Matrix radar.

The Kick arrived with the coronavirus this winter/spring. The next phase appears ready to be unleashed around June or generally summer. This will be another “Sirius Trigger”

March 31 “Atlas Revelation – Part 4

When you hit on something multicontextually valid, you’ll know because syncs keep pouring in from all directions. That is certainly the case with the “Phase 2” trigger highlighted in Part 1Part 2Part 3 coming up around early June. […]

This suggests we are looking at another “Sirius Trigger” there set to commence “Phase 2” of the 2020 “Kick”.

Apr 26 “American closing ceremony

Because the world has reached a point in the river of time – ordained by the structure of history (time-loop) itself – where America as the reigning “New World” power is supposed to… end. Where America is destined to pass its torch to the next new world, the next age. […]

…it doesn’t have to be the end (just as the end of the British Empire didn’t mean the end of Britain), though it certainly can be. It all depends on people’s ability to deal with… “reality collisions”, aka “waking up”.

May 06 Houston…

This is not just about the fate of a space mission. Underlying it, implied below the surface, is the fate of humanity – whether we “qualify” to be among the stars, spreading our seeds to other planets. If a system of higher intelligence exists and has the authority to judge if a species should be allowed to move beyond its home planet, this is the time for humanity and Earth for that, i.e. “ascension” or “great flood”. The Crew Dragon Demo-2 mission appears set up to be an “official preview” of this momentous decision.

May 12 Whisper in the wind

Goodbye to the world we knew. Coronavirus, the Great Flood today. Musk the future, hanging in the balance. Aquarian mission shows what’s ahead.

What transpired…

…and what is yet to come in this pivotal year… when realities collide and timelines shift.

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