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Super Torch Ritual

Reality Shift 2020

Yesterday, on the 9th anniversary of the 2011 “great flood”…

…the world entered a new reality.

Everyone can feel the shift. The viral “great flood” is here.

Just as the biblical Great Flood was a great time divider, on March 11 we said goodbye to the world we knew before and hesitantly said hello to a new world that is radically different, dangerous and potentially permanent. Once triggered, no choice but to go tumbling down the rabbit hole…

Reality shift, shock waves… Something we saw coming here on Super Torch Ritual thanks to a set of interlocking multicontextual patterns including what we call the “Damage Plan” and “Sirius Trigger” (“Cosmic Parasite“) collectively underlying this pivotal year.

We call the shift “the Kick“, a form of the “Great Flood”, as you can see in these STR post titles…

Jan 08 Reality Collision
Jan 15 The Kick
Feb 25 Coronal flood
Mar 06 Enki whispered before the great virus flood
Mar 09 The Kick Has Begun

Without going into details, in our prophetic ‘Damage Plan” context we identified the 2004-2005 Sumatra great flood – even bigger than Japan’s – as the “template” for what was about to befall our reality with a trigger in December 2019 (exactly when the coronavirus outbreak began). We had discerned this as early as August last year, in “Damage Plan – Part 3” for example:

I don’t want to scare you, but the whole Genesis “ritual” was/is part of a big “Damage Plan”. As was in 2004-2005, so is again in 2019-2020.

A pattern is a pattern, scary or not. If you’re easily scared, maybe you shouldn’t be reading this. There is a vast network of interlocking patterns surrounding all this but here we’ll highlight an extended “Sirius Trigger” time code which simply turns the Sirius B countdown clock back two cycles, i.e. 50 years + 50 years = 100 years ago…

[For context see “Cosmic Parasite“]

pinpointing by far the biggest pandemic in modern human history known as the Spanish flu, creating apocalyptic scenes all over the globe in 1918-1920 infecting more than a quarter of the world population, killing up to 100 million people in the span of a few years.

President Trump yesterday called the coronavirus crisis “a temporary moment of time”. That’s… well, one way of putting it. It’s actually the beginning of dominoes falling

But as he said, “we are in this together”… even if not everyone will make it.

This is the end of illusion. Truth matters. Good luck everyone.

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