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Super Torch Ritual

It was 50 years ago…

…when the tragedy of the Kent State massacre (May 4, 1970) unfolded soon after Apollo 13

…reflected in Minneapolis today accompanied by Crew Dragon DM-2, both triggered by Sirius B‘s orbital countdown (50.13 years).

May 25 About the Dragon – Mayan countdown

Sirius is the “Scorcher” of the Dog Days of summer, when the Dog Star is reborn and burns the world.

Minnesota in flames is the “North Star State” carrying the motto “Star of the North” (L’Étoile du Nord)…

Thuban was the north star (pole star) of the Age of Taurus giving rise to civilizations and the pyramids. Thuban is Alpha Draconis the brightest star of the Dragon above (Draco). “Dragon” as in Crew Dragon DM-2, set to fly with an official patch with the head of a dragon above the pole right where the north star would be.

The Age of Taurus was the time of the Sun rising in the celestial Bull specifically on the equinox. The Sun is in Taurus right now as we speak, set to converge with Venus in a few days time, for the grand completion of an 8-year pentagram all the way from “2012”.

Then comes the Morning Star, Venus reborn in the dawn sky (~June 9), interchangeable with “Lucifer” the light-bearer…

…reflected in Orion this year.

Dark apocalypse in the ring of fire, part of a 2020 sequence unfolding in the month of June.

Houston, do we have a problem?

No coincidence that SpaceX’s Starship prototype (SN4) exploded today (RIP)… hopefully taking some pattern pressure off of Crew Dragon DM-2.

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May 25 About the Dragon – Mayan countdown