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World Cup Pentagon (Stargate)

The World Cup kicked off in Russia with an opening ceremony today. And once again, we see pentagons (and phoenix):

[Video of opening ceremony]

These are not some random little events that we’ve been seeing pentagons in. The World Cup, for example, is the biggest sporting event in the world even exceeding the Olympics and there it was, a big pentagon conspicuously anchoring the entire opening ceremony in the middle of the stadium.

Here on Super Torch Ritual, we are unique in our foresight we demonstrate while dealing symbolic patterns. For those who are new here and don’t know, it was last October that we first highlighted the pentagon (interchangeabe with the “fifth element” and “Stargate“) as the mega motif to watch. And those who kept watching with us the past several months already know just how potent the pentagon motif has been in world events. Today’s pentagon apparition in Russia was merely the latest continuation and fulfillment of this big pattern… with a rather surreal underlying “message”.

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[PyeongChang Olympics 2018]

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The pentagonal Stargate is opening, and something is coming. Enough for now.

P.S. The phoenix has been a major theme this year as well and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

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