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Super Torch Ritual

The Fifth Element Code

At the end of history we’ll see the Fifth Element emerge through the Stargate.

Chevron 1 engaged…. Chevron 2 engaged… Chevron 3 engaged… Chevron 4 engaged…

Chevron 5 engaged. Locked.

A stargate dialing sequence is currently underway which is a Super Torch Ritual with a destination in PyeongChang. The Torch Relay will commence on October 24th, just a few days from now, with the Great Sphinx.

We’ll see in this context that Las Vegas was a pentagonal stargate sequence being initiated (echoing the pentagonal Olympic stadium).

In the PyeongChang 2018 logo we see a 5-pointed star and a symbol resembling the Roman numeral for “2”, together implying “2 stars”. That’s exactly what we find in the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympics logo:

Apparently two stars comprise the stargate.

Two colliding neutron stars generating gravitational waves detected for the first time in history announced on October 16th just 8 days before the start of the Torch Relay.

Oct 16 First Detection of Gravitational Waves from Neutron-Star Collision Marks New Era of Astronomy

Gravitational waves are ripples in the fabric of space-time itself which necessitates the perspective of hyperspace or higher dimensions. For spacetime to bend and wave it needs extra space or dimension to wave in.

Aether” is the pre-modern science term for it…

“The concept of aether was used in several theories to explain several natural phenomena, such as the traveling of light and gravity”

…also known as “quintessence” – the “fifth element” – resonating with the 5-pointed star.

The 1997 film The Fifth Element starring Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich…

…has a symbol for the fifth element. Four sets of lines forming a square:

Leeloo (played by Jovovich) has it tattooed on her wrist thereby identifying her as the Fifth Element:

[“Fifth Element” symbol]

It’s nearly identical to the official emblem of PyeongChang, the host city of the 2018 Winter Olympics:

[Emblem of Pyeongchang]

The Fifth Element also evokes the Las Vegas massacre…

…as things come to a head in a resort hotel – a spaceship – called “Paradise” operating around the planet Fhloston.

The Las Vegas massacre unfolded in Paradise, Nevada, October 1st, 2017…

…killing nearly 60 concertgoers enjoying the Route 91 Harvest country music festival in front of the Luxor hotel.

The biggest action sequence in The Fifth Element is a “mass shooting” inside a concert hall in Paradise.

Ancient Egypt in Las Vegas…

Ancient Egypt in The Fifth Element.

The story begins (above) and ends (below) in an ancient Egyptian temple where an activated Fifth Element emits a powerful beam of light up into space, stopping an incoming space rock and saving Earth from total annihilation.

Looks just like Luxor Las Vegas with its light beam shooting up through the tip of the pyramid. (All this was present at the scene during the massacre.)

Welcome to the world of multicontextual reality where imagination and reality unite.

The Force is strong with this one, producing major hyperdimensional shock waves through aether, the fifth element… opening up an interdimensional portal.

Is this… Contact?

An interdimensional “stargate” transporting Ellie to… Vega. (There are direct references to Las Vegas in the film.)

The first alien communication from Vega contains a video of Adolf Hitler declaring the opening of the Olympic Games in Berlin.

It was during this Nazi Olympics in 1938 that the tradition of the Torch Relay was first introduced, which has since become a major part of the international event.

In 2017-2018…

  • Oct 24, 2017: The Olympic flame ceremoniously lit by the heat of the Sun in the birthplace of the ancient Games (Olympia, Greece)
  • Oct 31: The flame handed over to the PyeongChang 2018 Organising Committee at the Panathenaic Stadium
  • Nov 01: The start of a 101-day domestic torch relay inside South Korea
  • Feb 09, 2018: The torch arrival at the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium for the Opening Ceremony

The lighting of the torch (Oct 24) will coincide with the sunrise alignment of the Great Sphinx causeway…

…the same causeway that aligned with the sunset at the time of the Great American Eclipse at the heart (Regulus) of the celestial Great Sphinx (Leo).

The Luxor Las Vegas sphinx is a stylized replica of the Great Sphinx at Giza.

The last time there was a solar eclipse on August 21st was in 1933, the year the Nazis came into power.

The Great American Eclipse was preceded by torch-bearing neo-Nazis and white nationalists (August 11-12). Trump’s inexplicable reluctance to denounce them amplified the darkness felt by everyone in America.

[Charlottesville white nationalist marchers Aug 11-12]

Aug 12, 2017 Charlottesville: far-right crowd with torches
Aug 12 White Nationalist Rally Turns Violent, Prompts State of Emergency
Aug 12 Charlottesville Rally Turns Deadly: One Killed After Car Strikes Crowd

It’s been disaster after disaster for the United States since then including the Las Vegas massacre.

This is America’s heart being tested by Ma’at and the sphinx, i.e. the “Weighing of the Heart“. Is the flame of the American Dream still burning? Is it still pure? Mars is rising to become the next New World as ordained by the structure of time itself in the 21st century. Will America peacefully pass the torch? Will it be deemed worthy to continue along side Mars? Or will it be terminated?

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Paradise is ending…

The clock is counting down to termination…

The only hope for survival is the Fifth Element – that which exists beyond the physical… that which is in the heart.

As stressed again and again by the little prince

…who is from an asteroid.

The Little Prince was released in America on August 5, 2016 – the opening day of the Rio Summer Olympics…

Aug 05, 2016 Olympic Games begin in Rio

…marked by Venus – “love” – in the heart of the lion, Regulus. The name Regulus means “prince” or “little king”.

Is it love, or is it darkness that we find in our heart?

That’s the question the Sphinx is asking. What Ma’at is asking, as it readies the Death Star.

The Fifth Element awaits your answer…

A portal to another realm… beyond words, beyond the Threshold.

Against all odds, we need to get there. Are you ready?

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