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The Superman Stargate

The Pentagon and aliens

Dec 16, 2017 The Pentagon’s Mysterious UFO Program revealed
Dec 16 The Pentagon’s Secret Search for UFOs
Dec 19 Former Pentagon UFO official: ‘We may not be alone’

Like… Superman?

He’s an extraterrestrial from an alien planet “Krypton”…

[Man of Steel]

…bearing a diamond-shaped symbol which is actually a pentagon.

“Pentagonal Stargate” – a major theme we’ve been tracking since last year – was expressed most recently at the Oscars on March 4th…

Mar 06 Stargate Opens at Oscars

…with a definite diamond/crystal vibe.

A “gate”, a pentagon and Hollywood “stars” together implying a “pentagonal Stargate”. Every “star” that came onto the stage stood directly on top of the pentagon…

Just like Superman’s grandfather…

…in the promos for Syfy’s new Superman-based series Krypton (trailer).

Krypton” in the real world is the name of a chemical element with atomic number 36, resonating with the pentagonal angle 36 degrees.

Krypton debuted today, March 21st, 17 days after the Oscars and the day after the equinox, the beginning of an “earthshaking” equinox-Easter window we are watching around March 20-April 1.

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Here on Super Torch Ritual we’ve been keenly cognizant of the fact that the “Big One” along with the “Ring of Fire” has been a major foreshadowing theme running in parallel with the Stargate theme since last year. The two themes are starting to intersect more here as, if you recall, in the original 1978 Superman movie the central event is a massive earthquake being triggered by a nuclear missile striking the San Andreas Fault with the intent of sinking the whole state of California into the ocean.

Superman prevents the worst outcome but the earthquake does kill his love interest Lois Lane…

…which causes him to turn back time so he can rescue her before her car gets swallowed up by the earth, even though taking such a drastic action was forbidden.

The “Big One” signals are now persistent enough that I really wouldn’t be surprised if the theme gets expressed in a literal way soon (2018-2019). The equinox-Easter 2018 window is major temporal nexus point that has a lot to do with this ominous pattern, not necessarily the Big One itself but at least something highly relevant.

Even in the 2013 Superman remake, Man of Steel

And it wasn’t just the Oscars. The pentagon theme and the PyeongChang Olympics which preceded the Oscars in February 2018 are inseparable.

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The cauldron there…

…closely mimicking the alien terraforming platform machines – the “Black Zero” and the “World Engine” – in Man of Steel (2013).

Even the Olympic flame…

…and the gravitational beam used to transform the Earth.

The gravitational beam in Man of Steel is analogous to Superman‘s nuclear missile. Both violently shake the earth until Superman prevents it from causing much more extensive damage.

Superman is also closely associated with (though understated in Man of Steel) ice crystals.

Sure enough, a pile of ice crystals was seen conspicuously placed at the foot of the PyeongChang cauldron, looking very much like those in Superman:

Tellingly there were big news headlines (all Trump-related) right around the time of the PyeongChang Olympics and the Oscars subtly adding extra layers of Superman allusions:


…evoking Superman logo meaning “hope” back on Krypton (as mentioned in Man of Steel).


…evoking Superman the “Man of Steel”.

It was also during the PyeongChangn Olympics that Stargate Origins debuted telling a story about the early days of the Stargate saga, prominently featuring the “Eye of Ra/Horus“…

…which also shows up in Katy Perry’s Dark Horse music video, looking directly at… a diamond.

The video also heavily features the Sphinx.

The Stargate, as Stargate Origins reminded us right at the beginning, is discovered at Giza, and the Great Sphinx there is oriented due east, annually aligning with the sunrise on the equinox. Syfy’s new Superman series Krypton debuted within 24 hours of the equinox (March 21, 2018).

The Eye of Horus/Ra also implies Deep Impact via NASA’s Deep Impact mission

…echoed by both Stargate Origins and Superman:

The very first conversation in Stargate Origins suggests the Stargate is made of melted meteorite.

Baby Superman arrives on Earth like a meteor crashing into the ground.

This also reminds us of Oumuamua, the first interstellar object ever discovered in our solar system, generating a lot of buzz late last year right before the Pentagon UFO investigation program disclosure. Oumuamua was so strange that professional astronomers seriously considered the possibility of it being an alien spaceship and it was in fact scanned for signs of alien technology. (See our article Stargate Wars – Part 1.)

Nov 20, 2017 “Like Nothing Seen Before”: interstellar asteroid
Nov 20 Wow! 1st Interstellar Asteroid Is Spinning Space Cigar
Dec 11 Astronomers checking anomalous interstellar object “Oumuamua” for signs of alien technology
Dec 14 No Signs of Life Yet on Oumuamua

*    *    *

Pentagonal Stargate, extraterrestrial Contact, Deep Impact, the Big One… What’s going on? Is 2018 the year? What’s about to go kaboom?

To be continued…

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