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Super Torch Ritual

Weighing of the heart

It’s stunning to see what’s happening in America this month even though we had a pretty good idea as to what kind of events and intensity to expect in August. Just from the temporal context of the solar eclipse we knew a set of alarming themes such as “world war” and “rise of the Nazis” were in the cards. And boy did they manifest big time right on time.

North Korea and its nuclear threats pushed things closer to a nuclear war than any other time since the end of the Cold War. Torch-bearing neo-Nazis (Nazis!) and their deadly clash with protesters shocked America and Trump’s reaction inexplicably protective of the Nazis sent huge psychological shock waves across the nation. Politicians and media on both sides strongly rebuked the president, big business abandoned him and even the military leadership in a very rare move strongly implied they were not on the side of the president. Many aids inside the White House were dismayed and distanced themselves from the president’s words. White nationalists thanked the president. You could almost feel the ground shaking. You could feel the Deep Impact. This was the moment the nation went “oh shit” in unison.

America is crossing a threshold right now. It’s in the air and you can feel it. The eclipse is asking, “who are you, America?” The next New World is rising on the horizon and a dark heart does not belong there. Anubis is here with the feather of truth…

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