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The World War eclipse

August 21
, 1914 total solar eclipse:
Beginning of World War I (Jul 28, 1914 – Nov 11, 1918)

August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse:
North Korean nuclear threat, US-NK showdown
(& Trump-Russia, US-Russia discord)

In light of the serious escalation of North Korea’s nuclear threat unfolding in this month of the Great American Total Solar Eclipse, the ominous temporal context surrounding the eclipse date is beginning to look a little too realistic. As I wrote back in June:

[…] the “war” angle may be more realistic and dire than I thought. Turns out, the last time there was a total solar eclipse on August 21st was all the way back in 1914

Less than a month before the Aug 21, 1914 total solar eclipse World War I broke out! (WWI: Jul 28, 1914 – Nov 11, 1918.)

I find that a bit chilling. But there is more…

There has been one more solar eclipse on August 21 since then, though this one was annular, not total. It was in 1933… The year the Nazis came into power […]

So… Doesn’t look good.

This time, in 2017, the August 21 solar eclipse is decidedly “American”. In 2017 an extremely “unusual” figure […] came into power in the US in 2017 with enthusiastic support from white nationalists.

So we seem to be looking at three potential scenarios multicontextually suggested for the the second half of 2017 and beyond…

  1. “Watergate 2”: Exit of Trump a la Watergate but with more chaos & damage
  2. “Great War”: Big war (WWIII?) involving US
  3. “Rise of the Beast”: An uncontrollable radical political movement in US opens gates of hell


Just one or a combination/all of these?

One thing is clear, the Golden Apple of Discord is doing its thing.

We can add to this the fact that President Trump was in Paris on July 14th specifically to commemorate the 100th anniversary of US entry into… World War I.

Jul 14 France puts on military show as Trump marks Bastille Day in Paris

France treated President Donald Trump to an elaborate military display on Friday, a strategic show of friendship by the new leader here who hopes to elevate his country’s global standing by flattering his US counterpart. […]

This year, the celebration is also meant to commemorate the centennial of US entry into World War I, hence Macron’s invitation to Trump to attend. […]

The existence of the pattern doesn’t mean it has a fixed course. Hopefully the worst case scenario won’t manifest in our timeline. The more we are aware of the pattern, the less severe the pattern manifestation will be…


Unfortunately and unbelievably, we are suddenly seeing the “Rise of the (Nazi) Beast” in the US now. Just as predicted. As in your face as can be. America is in shock… Can America overcome this evil beast?

Aug 12 Charlottesville: far-right crowd with torches
Aug 12 White Nationalist Rally Turns Violent, Prompts State of Emergency
Aug 12 Charlottesville Rally Turns Deadly: One Killed After Car Strikes Crowd

Aug 13 Trump Takes Heat for Blaming Charlottesville Violence on ‘Many Sides’
Aug 15 Trump: Both sides to blame in Charlottesville


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