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Super Torch Ritual

The Serenity Event

One of the biggest news events to come out of the mid Oct-early Nov window was of course the bizarre incident in the New Mexico desert of actor Alec Baldwin accidentally killing with a prop gun a cinematographer on a movie set.

The news just kept going for weeks making daily headlines, and to some degree still continuing to this day. While we have done quite a bit of decoding already, there is still this nagging feeling, based on the sheer intensity and duration of the media coverage, that we're missing something important.

But what?

Well, we find out now. And it may surprise you... that it makes perfect sense. Perfect in the context of what we have been discussing all along over the past month or so. And what it implies about what may be coming soon.

An idea you may have been a bit skeptical of or found confusing before, but an idea you will now have to accept as something huge whispered from the ether.



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