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Super Torch Ritual

When Doves Cry

Noah’s flood, Noah’s dove… A new sync involving air/oxygen:

Apr 23 Missing Indonesian submarine running out of air
Apr 23 Indian hospitals plead for oxygen, country sets virus record

running out in India from the coronavirus pandemic and simultaneously inside an Indonesian submarine as we speak.

Not a “new” sync at all actually as this continues directly from our “Great Flood” mega theme. Needless to say…

Apr 01 Floodgate
Apr 02 Great Flood Sequence
Apr 19 Sequence quick update

…in a flood you drown, you gasp for air, an existential battle to keep breathing.

A battle George Floyd lost, a name now synonymous with “I can’t breathe“…

…plus literally meaningFlood” (from “Floyd“).

A big “Judgment Day” for his “drowning” death – resonating with the biblical Great Flood – came on April 20th

…or the day before the submarine went missing on April 21 marking the 5th anniversary of the death of Prince, born and raised and died in the Minneapolis, the same city where the whole George Floyd drama unfolded.

Prince and the dove go hand in hand as do Noah and the dove celestially represented by the constellation “Columba“, originally called Columba Noachi or “Noah’s dove”. From it comes the name “Columbus” hence the timing and symbolism of the deadly police shooting incident in Columbus, Ohio making headlines precisely during the announcement of the Floyd/Chauvin trial verdict on April 20.

Apr 20 Columbus Police Shoot And Kill Black Teenage Girl

Cosmic implications… hinted by NASA announcing oxygen produced on Mars on the exact same dayApril 20-21 (h/t reader Dean):

Apr 21 NASA’s Perseverance rover makes breathable oxygen on Mars
Apr 21 Perseverance Extracts First Oxygen from Red Planet

As well as future implications… for example via Columba’s position relative to Canis Major and its brightest star Sirius historically associated with the flooding of the Nile…

…something that will prove highly “prophetic” soon.

+ – + – + UPDATE – April 24 + – + – +

Less than 24 hours after the posting of the article, we get this huge confirmation in the news headlines today:

Apr 24 Biden makes history by declaring killings of Armenians a ‘genocide’

Armenia (Mt. Ararat) is historically the area where Noah’s Ark is said to have landed after the Flood!

Mount Ararat, which was historically part of Armenia, is the highest mountain in the region at 5,137 meters (16,854 feet). Now located in Turkey, but clearly visible from Armenia, it is regarded by the Armenians as a symbol of their land. Because of this, the mountain is present on the Armenian national emblem today

And the landing of the Ark of course immediately follows the dove in the story.

So… anyone still doubt the pattern?

This is how Super Torch Ritual uniquely does things. We detect patterns early, project them forward, then boom big confirmations via reality or in effect we interact with not just the past and the present, but also with the future. There are many out there who try to discuss synchronicity, but Super Torch Ritual is the only place where the time barrier is regularly broken. And that’s a huge difference.

Also, what we’re seeing right now is still a foreshadowing…

+ – + – + UPDATE – April 25 + – + – +

And now we see an oxygen tank explosion and a subsequent fire killing 82 at Iraq’s Covid hospital on April 24.

Apr 24 Iraq Covid hospital fire: 82 dead after ‘oxygen tank explodes’

+ – + – + UPDATE – April 27 + – + – +

“Air crisis” still in the air via “gas running out this summer” news in the US. A different kind of “gas” but the underlying symbolism is unmistakable.

Apr 27 Coming this summer: Gas stations running out of gas

+ – + – + UPDATE – April 29 + – + – +

The pattern continues with Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins passing on April 28th…

…which was another (Noah’s) “dove” event/signal expressing and foreshadowing the “Great Flood” of 2021 as he was best known for piloting and staying behind in the command module while the other astronauts went down to the lunar surface for their historic “one small step”. The command module, which came back to Earth carrying all the astronauts, was called “Columbia” – from Columba the dove (of Noah). [Hat tip to reader Matt.] It’s a matter of time in 2021…

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