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Super Torch Ritual

Great Flood Sequence

A “floodgate” opened a few days ago via the Suez Canal and such per our previous note. Today we see “Noah” in the form of Noah Green – the name of the deceased suspect in today’s deadly car attack at the US Capitol.

“Noah” and “Green” as in Evergreen, the makeshift “gate” in the Suez Canal.

Green on Good Friday (April 2) is simultaneously an allusion to Osiris the green-skinned Egyptian god of resurrection as in Resurrection Day or Easter (i.e. now). An association that is… a dark rabbit hole. You’ll see its significance soon enough.

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Great Flood Sequence

March 29: The Suez Canal – literally a “water gate” – reopens as the trial of George Floyd (“Floyd” means “Flood”) opens on the same day. The Ark and the Flood.

March 30: The next day comes the news of the passing of G. Gordon Liddy best known for his central role in the Watergate scandal.

April 2: A few days later on Good Friday “Noah” appears in the District of Columbia or “Columba” the dove of Noah).

And so on.

A striking sequence triggered by the equinox, setting the stage for what’s coming next…

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