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Super Torch Ritual

Spacetime Disclosure

Let’s not overlook the remarkable fact that here in the year 2021, UFOs are finally where people hoped they would be – a serious issue taken seriously by the US government.

Just a decade ago this was an unrealistic fantasy. Now the world is a different place. Things are rapidly changing and moving forward, toward the next phase of the human civilization which will evidently include UFOs as part of reality.

Following the acceptance, things will then start moving toward the next step - finding out exactly what they are, a phase that will require additional years of patiently softening up the collective psychology of the general public, quietly guiding them toward the final answer.

Here on STR we already know where the “Disclosure” is ultimately going to end up, because we have the roadmap i.e. the “map of time” itself in the form of Time Rivers.

Simply put, the next/final massive shift will be one going from s...


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