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Super Torch Ritual

Sirius Trigger

[NOTE: This article was published before the January 2-3 U.S. airstrike that killed Iran’s top general Qasem Soleimani, sending big shock waves around the globe. See “Kaboom“.]

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Exactly at midnight on New Year’s Eve/Day, the brightest star in the night sky Sirius – the “Dog Star” – reaches its highest altitude in the local sky crossing the meridian due south 180 degrees away from the Sun (“culmination”).

Only on this special day every year we see this magical alignment produce such a spectacular “as above, so below” cosmic design quietly ringing in the new year like an ancient celestial clock striking 12 in the shadow of bright fireworks simultaneously going off around the world.

It’s extra special in/around 2019…

…due to the fact that Sirius has a companion star, Sirius B or the “Pup”, with a highly elliptical and off-centered ~50-year orbit around the primary star, meaning Sirius B was at the same exact orbital position exactly 50 years ago, i.e. 1969, a monumental year for mankind in history marked by Apollo 11‘s Moon landing.

It’s not just Apollo 11. 1969/2019 is inherently special also because Sirius B happened to be at apoapsis, i.e. the farthest point from Sirius A, in both 1969 and 2019!

July 27 Apoapsis 2019: NASA’s Secret 50-Year Countdown
July 31 Apoapsis 2019: NASA’s Secret 50-Year Countdown – PART 2

For the first time since 1969/Apollo 11, we are back to the same orbital position – Sirian apoapsis – in 2019 after a cycle of 50 years. You weren’t openly told about this (unless you were a STR member) but there has been a string of “rituals” in 2019 acknowledging this special moment.

For example…

Sirius B’s oribital period is more precisely 50.13 years. So, from the Apollo 11 Moon landing (7/20/1969):

7/20/1969 + 50.13 years = ~Sep 7, 2019

Right on time India’s first Moon probe, Chandrayaan-2, landed on the lunar surface (+/- 1 day) albeit unsuccessfully with a loss of all communication just moments before touchdown…

Sep 6, 2019 India’s first lunar lander falls silent just before touchdown

…accompanied by Hurricane Dorian simultaneously wrecking havoc down here on Earth along with a number of other significant world events. It was an “Atlantean Deep Impact” event/signal per “Dorian’s Atlantean Portal“.

Two months earlier on July 2nd (2019) there was another major lunar event in the from of a total solar eclipse (the Moon covering the Sun)…

…which was actually also the exact day Sirius was crossing the meridian due south exactly at noon i.e. mirroring the New Year’s alignment (noon vs midnight)!

The eclipse also literally coincided with the US women defeating England in the World Cup semifinals appropriately enough just 2 days before Independence Day (i.e. independence from the UK/England), echoed further by Venus igniting Orion’s torch (=> Lady Liberty) right next to the eclipse…

…immediately followed by a couple of major earthquakes striking California (biggest in in decades)…

…in the “Ring of Fire” seismic zone…

…echoed by the “ring of fire” solar eclipse we just had on the other side of the globe the day after Christmas (the first one since July 2)…

…or just days before the imminent New Year’s Sirius alignment.

It’s no coincidence America is facing an existential crisis at the moment, a major symptom of which is the ongoing impeachment drama. Tellingly Trump was impeached, ultimately due to Russia (via Ukraine), on the anniversary of the 2018 Deep Impact event on December 18th, per “Impeachment & Deep Impact“…

…i.e. the stuff of “Wormwood” (= Chernobyl => Ukraine) foreshadowed at the Super Bowl.

Apr 15 Notre Dame: The Da Vinci Fire
Nov 02 Wormwood Sequence Update

All this is part of a larger Sequence, a “Damage Plan” scheme, that is unfolding as we speak and will continue to unfold in the special new year, building toward a certain kaboom moment to kick open the door to…

…well, what awaits us on the other side. Something new, something ancient.

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UPDATE – Jan 1, 2020

Dec 31 U.S. Embassy in Baghdad stormed after airstrikes
Jan 01 U.S. sending hundreds of troops to Iraq

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UPDATE – Jan 2, 2020


Jan 02 US airstrike kills top Iran general at Baghdad airport
Jan 02 World Holds Its Breath After Iranian Commander Killed

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