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Super Torch Ritual

Sirius Impact Weekend

“50” is a Sirian number. One weekend, triple confirmation.


  • Jan 31: Brexit/UK officially leaving EU
  • Jan 31~: Big vote(s) potentially ending impeachment trial
  • Feb 02: Super Bowl LIV

[UPDATE: January 31 is the “birthday” of Sirius B, i.e. the anniversary of its discovery. H/t reader Ruben.]

“50” in Brexit…

[Brexit day 50 pence coin unveiled]

“50” in impeachment trial…

Jan 30 What if there’s a 50-50 witness vote?

“50” in Super Bowl LIV…

1) San Francisco “49ers”
2) Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl for first time in 50 years

3) Jo-Lo, halftime entertainer, 50 years old

+ – + – +

It was the 50-year orbit of Sirius B…

Dec 30, 2019 Sirius Trigger

…that unleashed “Janus” on New Year’s Even/Day.

Jan 17, 2020 Janus Effect
Jan 26 Janus Impact: Kobe’s Mirror Exit

One weekend, triple confirmation.

January the month of Janus. Opening with a bang, ending with a bang.

A door closes, a window opens.

End of January and beyond, the window is open.

+ – + – +

UPDATE – February 3

The KC Chiefs did end up wining the Super Bowl for the first time in 50 years…

…at the conclusion of NFL’s 100th season. This was quite literally a central message during the game as Hard Rock Stadium had the following logo displayed right at the center of the football field…

…whispering “50” rather than “100” via a streaking football symbolically cutting the “100” in half, in effect making it “50”, underscored by the 50-yard line on the field also cutting the “100” in half.

Not jut 50 but 50 years, i.e. the orbital period of Sirius B, since “100th season” means 100 years. Certainly a very strong confirmation of the pattern we highlighted.

[End of Update]