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Meghan pregnancy announced as predicted – what’s next?

And there it is. Meghan Markle’s pregnancy announced today, October 15, 2018:

Oct 15 Announced: Meghan and Harry expecting a baby!

Just as predicted only two days ago in our latest article about The Shape of Water and a “countdown” to October:

Oct 13 Hurricane Michael’s Hidden Message

Well, it’s not difficult to infer from all this that Meghan’s presumably imminent pregnancy is a major component in the overall pattern. Something we will be seeing soon.

Yet another dramatic pattern fulfillment. What does this mean?

We can go back to earlier articles for additional clues and actually more precise predictions about her pregnancy.

For example in Hurricane Michael’s Hidden Message we had the following excerpt from our July post (red emphasis added):

Jul 31 The Shape of Disclosure

…In the opening sequence [of The Shape of Water] we even see an egg “timer”

…implying some kind of countdown/timeline, likely that of gestation.

In the same sequence we see Elisa interacting with a calendar, showing the date September 17, Monday.

September 17 is Monday in 2018. The most recent September 17 falling on Monday was back in 2012 and the next one is 2029.

Subsequently the calendar becomes an ongoing countdown as Elisa marks October 10, Wednesday as the day she plans to release the Amphibian Man into the sea via a [flooding] canal. Again, it is in 2018 that October 10 is on Wednesday (and again the closest ones are in 2012 and 2029).

The canal obviously represents her birth canal and the release represents her giving birth. (The resurrection/rebirth scene takes place at this canal on October 10.) There is also a “Great Flood” connotation here which might manifest quite literally alongside pregnancy/birth events. [red emphasis added]

In other words, The Shape of Water is giving us a “birth timer” counting down to October 2018 (and/or possibly November). […]

If we had continued with the excerpt you would have seen the following (excerpt continued):

The birth of… a hybrid Nephilim/Grail/Martian baby.

Needless to say, this will in all likelihood be expressed fully or partially via Meghan Markle’s pregnancy/giving birth. In fact, we already pinpointed October 2018 as a likely window for the announcement of Meghan’s pregnancy (see Martian Storm 2018 – Part 4). We even came up with the specific date October 5 which is only 5 days before “October 10”!

In this way, Meghan’s royal pregnancy will have “extraterrestrial” implications. This is going to be an important hidden context.

The ET/Contact/Disclosure question… Not coincidentally a big topic in our latest/previous article Hurricane Michael’s Hidden Message.

Another key thing… from an even earlier article (premium):

Jul 18 Martian Storm 2018 – Part 4

This will gives us September 30-October 23 as the potential pregnancy announcement window. Basically the month of October. […]

Does this mean: 1) Meghan Markle is getting impregnated pretty much right now in July, 2) her pregnancy will be announced in October, and 3) her baby will be born in April 2019?

For now, that would be our best guess. […]

As I explained in Lucifer’s Destiny it was specifically the San Andreas Fault that the Big One omen associated with the William-Kate royal union had pointed to back in 2010-2011.

At some point in the near future the 2010-2018 echo sequence we are currently tracking will have to have an echo from the “Big One” (Japan mega quake/tsunami), one way or another. Will it finally be a direct hit on San Andreas?

A mega “Birthquake” in the Ring of Fire

Certainly ominous. I don’t mean to scare you but…

The Ring of Fire is literally the “shape of water” of the Pacific Ocean…

Another term for the Ring of Fire is “Pacific Rim“…

Guillermo del Toro who directed The Shape of Water also directed a 2013 movie called Pacific Rim

A sequel – Pacific Rim Uprising – was just released this year back in March.

*    *    *

As I recently wrote, this is what we do, regularly predicting world events and demonstrating the existence of something beyond the normal boundaries of reality. “Magic” is real indeed, and… if not convinced yet, you’re in for a big surprise.

As I recently wrote, there are more “countdowns” in progress…

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