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Hurricane Michael’s Hidden Message

What does Hurricane Michael have to do with The Shape of Water?


Oct 10 Hurricane Michael makes landfall as ‘monstrous’ Category-4 storm
Oct 10 Michael is the most powerful storm to hit Florida Panhandle on record

Or at least a lot.

Sounds silly but we’ve already shown with our “great flood” prediction that this is real (enough) and deadly serious.

We knew by July this year that something was up with the date “October 10” largely but not solely based on The Shape of Water.

Mar 04, 2018 “The Shape of Water” wins Best Picture at Oscars

(Note: Combining synchronicity with foresight is our brand of “magic” and discerning what’s worth paying attention to is the essential first step in the process of acquiring inter-temporal insights.)

We first noticed a “countdown” taking place throughout the movie, going from “September 17” to “October 10” on Elisa’s calendar. Subsequently we realized that the dates were specifically in the year 2018, counting down to a “water breaking”/”great flood” event. As I explained in my July 31 (premium) article The Shape of Disclosure:

In the opening sequence we even see an egg “timer”

…implying some kind of countdown/timeline, likely that of gestation.

In the same sequence we see Elisa interacting with a calendar, showing the date September 17, Monday.

September 17 is Monday in 2018. The most recent September 17 falling on Monday was back in 2012 and the next one is 2029.

Subsequently the calendar becomes an ongoing countdown as Elisa marks October 10, Wednesday as the day she plans to release the Amphibian Man into the sea via a [flooding] canal. Again, it is in 2018 that October 10 is on Wednesday (and again the closest ones are in 2012 and 2029).

The canal obviously represents her birth canal and the release represents her giving birth. (The resurrection/rebirth scene takes place at this canal on October 10.) There is also a “Great Flood” connotation here which might manifest quite literally alongside pregnancy/birth events. [red emphasis added]

In other words, The Shape of Water is giving us a “birth timer” counting down to October 2018 (and/or possibly November). […]

(Note: These interpretations represent a subset of a larger interlocking patterns being expressed in world events .)

Sensing potential “prophetic” implications we began monitoring Sep 17-Oct 10 in the real world for a “great flood”-type event(s) that would complete the “message”. The rest is history. Long story short: The window ended up producing a chain of high-impact events…

Sep 16-Oct 6 Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation drama
(Accuser Ford went public Sep 16, Kavanaugh confirmed Oct 6)
Sep 17 SpaceX will send Japanese billionaire to the Moon
Sep 28 Hundreds dead in Indonesia’s M7.5 quake & tsunami
Deadly earthquake (M5.9) strikes Haiti
Hurricane Michael makes landfall as Category-4 storm
Final call to save the world from ‘climate catastrophe’Dow falls 832 points in third-worst day by points ever
Stock market craters for a second day in a row

…concluding on October 10 with the arrival of a monster, near Categor-5 hurricane bringing devastating winds and floods to the Florida Panhandle, accompanied by a huge stock market plunge. Hurricane Michael was the 3rd-most intense hurricane to make landfall on the United States; the Dow’s 832 point plunge was the 3rd-worst day by points ever.

Dow falls 832 points in third-worst day by points ever
Stock market craters for a second day in a row

[A “great flood” scene in The Shape of Water]

There were additional “coincidences” on this chaotic day that could be heard whispering “The Shape of Water“…

Hurricane Michael’s eye, for example, went right over Panama City, Florida when it made landfall…

Oct 10 Panama City weathers brunt of Hurricane Michael’s destructive force

…i.e. a city named after the capital of the Central American country of Panama, located at the Pacific entrance of the world-famous Panama Canal.

A canal

…a flooding of which is what the “countdown” is all about in The Shape of Water. It’s where the Amphibian Man and Elisa are eventually shot to death and then miraculously resurrected on October 10.

Resurrection – death & (re)birth – also happens to resonate with the Panama Canal via the late US senator John McCain who was born at the northern (Atlantic) entrance of the Panama Canal.

McCain passed away (death) on August 25, 2018 triggering a sequence of near-“presidential” funerary events that would unfold over several days, collectively becoming one of the biggest events of the year.

Aug 25 John McCain is dead at 81

His first memorial service was in Phoenix on August 30th, which was the day after his birthday. The mythical bird phoenix is all about resurrection uniting death and birth. An allusion to his birth is an allusion to the Panama Canal – “resurrection at the canala la The Shape of Water.

Aug 30 Mourners remember John McCain at Phoenix church service

Resurrection and eggs also go hand in hand: Eggs are everywhere in The Shape of Water including the “egg timer” mentioned earlier. Eggs simultaneously signify “birth” and “resurrection” per their traditional association with Easter aka Resurrection Day.

From Phoenix McCain’s body was flown to Washington DC for a bigger, national memorial service on September 1st…

Sep 01 Nation honors John McCain in Washington

…coinciding with the “birth” of Florence as the storm was officially named that day. Hurricane Florence would subsequently bring a “great flood” to the East Coast of the US (North Carolina) in mid September.

Sep14 Hurricane Florence makes landfall in North Carolina

The namesake Italian city of Florence is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance. “Renaissance” means “Rebirth“. Resurrection.

The cultural origin of the Renaissance is closely associated with the writings of Dante (1265-1321) among others. Dante died on September 13/14 – the exact date marked by Hurricane Florence’s landfall this year.

The name “Florence” itself means “flowering“. And “Florida“, the state hit by Hurricane Michael on Oct 10, means “flowery“.

Florida also has the nickname “Sunshine State“. Two key things about that:

One, combine “Sun” and “wind” (hurricane) and you get “solar wind”, something implied by the name “Windsor“.

Combine that with the fact that the actress who played Elisa is named “Sally” (Hawkins) meaning “princess”, and with the fact that Meghan Markle just became a Windsor “princess” this spring (marrying Prince Harry), and with the fact that “water breaking” (flood) is currently a ubiquitous theme, and with the eggs, etc…. Plus the fact that “Meghan” means “pearl” which also happens to be the name of the tower at the center of the movie Skyscraper starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson released this summer, basically a remake of The Towering Inferno

…which points to Dan Brown’s Inferno (novel 2013/film 2016) set primarily in Florence, Italy with a title borrowed from the first part of Divine Comedy by Dante

Well, it’s not difficult to infer from all this that Meghan’s presumably imminent pregnancy is a major component in the overall pattern. Something we will be seeing soon. (The Holy Grail, Ring of Fire/Big One, etc. are key related themes but we don’t have time to go into those in this article.)

[UPDATE – Oct 15: Meghan’s pregnancy was announced on October 15 only a couple of days after this article was posted. An instant, dramatic pattern confirmation. More details in “Meghan pregnancy announced as predicted – what’s next?” including more specific and accurate predictions made earlier about this event.]

And two, there was a major “solar” signal coinciding with Hurricane Florence (Sep 4-14) in the form of a mysterious closure of New Mexico’s “Sunspot Solar Observatory” from September 6 through 17 (reopening on the first day of the Shape of Water countdown day)…

This Is How It Starts: FBI Suspiciously Locks Down Solar Observatory
Sep 13 Mysterious Evacuation Of Solar Observatory Smells Like Espionage
Unexplained ‘Security Issue’ Keeps National Solar Observatory Shuttered

…even cryptically involving The X-Files

…which added to the rampant ET/UFO speculations surrounding the mystery.

And it just so happens that, as we discussed in The Shape of Disclosure (Jul 31), The Shape of Water heavily interacts with the “Disclosure” process that commenced late last year (2017), involving ‘Oumuamua…

Nov 20, 2017 “Like Nothing Seen Before”: interstellar asteroid
Nov 20 Wow! 1st Interstellar Asteroid Is Spinning Space Cigar
Dec 11 Astronomers checking anomalous interstellar object “Oumuamua” for signs of alien technology
Dec 14 No Signs of Life Yet on Oumuamua

(The Shape of Water released on Dec 01, 2017)

…and the near-simultaneous disclosure of the Pentagon UFO study program – “Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program” – in December…

Dec 16, 2017 The Pentagon’s Mysterious UFO Program revealed
Dec 16 The Pentagon’s Secret Search for UFOs
Dec 19 Former Pentagon UFO official: ‘We may not be alone’

Related STR articles:
Dec 20, 2017 Stargate Wars – Part 1
Dec 30, Stargate Wars – Part 2

…supplemented by Syfy’s new series Krypton debuting in March 2018 – the month of The Shape of Water winning Best Picture at the Oscars and the movie being released on DVD/Blue-ray/digital download – with an unmistakable “pentagonal ET disclosure” message.

So on and so forth. It’s a vast, seemingly endless pattern.

Hurricane Michael was a dramatic fulfillment of the Shape of Water “prophecy”, anticipated with foresight, verified with hindsight. The “disclosure”, however, is only beginning. There are more countdowns underway and they will reach zero sooner than you think…

*    *    *


Below are a collection of excerpts from some of the articles & notes published on Super Torch Ritual before Oct 10 mentioning the Shape of Water countdown:

Jul 31 The Shape of Disclosure (premium article)

(The resurrection/rebirth scene takes place at this canal on October 10.) There is also a “Great Flood” connotation here which might manifest quite literally alongside pregnancy/birth events. […]

Sep 29 Birthquake & October (public excerpt)

A magnitude 7.5 earthquake, a 3m/10ft tsunami, 400+ dead, in the Ring of Fire… That’s a bona-fide “Birthquake” right in the middle of our September 17-October 10 “Shape of Water” window which is a subset of a larger one around October…

Now that a literal “Great Flood has taken place right on schedule, we have to be on the lookout for manifestations of the…

Oct 06 Hidden Form – PART 2 (premium article)

…the countdown goes from September 17 to October 10… there was also a temporal clue at the canal – which is ground zero for the countdown (water breaking/flood)…

Oct 06 Great Flood countdowns (premium Note)

Note that although the Kavanaugh confirmation is set to conclude today there are still 4 days left in the Shape of Water window and it is on the last day (Oct 10) that the “countdown” will reach zero – when the water/(re-)birth canal opens, i.e. “great flood”. So it will be interesting to see what transpires next week. Note too that the “great flood” is now also a big theme attached to our big “Contact/UFO” window Oct 26.

Oct 07 Haiti whispers… (public Note)

Last night’s deadly Haiti earthquake whispers “2010” (the year of a mega quake disaster there). Meaningful in at least 3 ways: 1) Confirms 2010-2018 temporal entanglement (via 8-year Venus-Earth orbital pentagram cycle), 2) reinforces Contact/Disclosure theme (via 2010: The Year We Make Contact), and 3) validates further our Shape of Water (Ring of Fire) window (Sep 17-Oct 10, a subset of a lager window now active) and its symbolism (more reason to watch Meghan closely among other things). This was the second deadly Birthquake of the window following an earlier one in Indonesia a bit over a week ago

Oct 08 Ten Ten (premium Note)

October 10 is coming soon… the last day of the Shape of Water countdown. Are we in for a big event or something subtle and cryptic? We’ll find out soon…