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Super Torch Ritual


Here’s a quick compilation of reader reactions to the recent highly meaningful fulfillment of a STR prediction, Meghan’s pregnancy announcement (along with  Hurricane Michael “great flood”). Some are “testimonies” from those who saw it all unfold starting in July. I thought this might be helpful since 1) I want to be very careful when claiming something was “predicted”, 2) some may have missed the rapid prediction –> fulfillment sequence that took only 2 days, and 3) the pregnancy prediction was a long running theme since July, pinpointing October from the beginning, but was not disclosed on the public side until right before the fulfillment. Thanks for your interest and support!

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From Atom E:


From CerebralP:

Yes, I witnessed the pregnancy announcement prediction. Absolutely. As always Goro, nailing it!!?

From Christ D:

…This is amazing…. (strange thing is, if I show it friends they say, that was to be expected. Maybe, but who could announce it two days in advance. This is no coincidence, this visionary and prophetic)

From Matt:

Amazing lol! Nailed it for sure! Also, it really looks like Rev 12 is happening now ?

From Dean:

Hi Goro …. I can testify 🙂 This is amazing work! … although as a long time reader it comes as no surprise that this part of the ongoing pattern/ritual and the watery chaos of recent weeks has manifested as/when you predicted back in JULY! Time and again you have proven that your unique multicontextual decoding of the Matrix/reality (and the rituals of the higher intelligence that drives and manipulates it) is able to produce accurate prediction.

I would urge any casual but interested readers or naysayers/trolls to go premium (it wont hurt your pocket ) …you will soon discover that this prediction and level foresight is not a one off but a regular occurrence. Bravo Goro!

From Oblique: 

This is literally the only site I think I’ve ever paid for. When I first discovered this, you were correlating everything I was discovering too, just in a completely different way while also helping me put pieces together that I hadn’t found yet. You were the only other person I’ve seen besides me that connected Trump to some sort of resurrection of Osiris. This site fundamentally helped change how I view this whole world and helped me confirm to myself that I’m not just crazy making connections that aren’t meaningful like I’ve had people tell me. This stuff is undeniable proof that we live in a Matrix that has patterns that can be deciphered if you can figure out how to look for them…

From KeBane: 

What does this exactness say about Goro as a person and theorist? That his persistence, over many years mind you, has produced continual, realistic “hits” in the stream of time. In fact these predictions over the years are starting to come to fruition, bursting into “ALL” of our realities more quickly!

I went Premium during the months leading up to this fruition of Goro’s thoughts. In addition to the fact that I’ve been here for many, many years. Yes, we’ve followed patterns from alignments, as above so below, etc.; but Goro went with this line of thinking, following the twists and turns, that seem to have sped up his recognition so much so that these events rolled out true almost as immediately as he wrote them down! Bravo! For your resolute persistence, to commiting essentially your whole life to the “whispers” that went un-interpreted for decades or even centuries.

Time itself seems to be resonating with Goro now. Dare we call him a prophet! [No! -G.] Yes! [No! -G.] A prophet of a different sort but still a “prophet” that, who knows, might have gathered their thoughts (data) from the aether or the “gods” of any culture…there is no difference. Thank you, Goro, for existing in our time!

Thanks guys. 🙂 (I swear I did not pay them!)