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“Lucifer” Out of the Underworld

It’s not what you think. But at the same time it may lead to what it sounds like. As above, so below, as always.

What we are referring to here is Venus, the closest thing we know in reality to hell.

Venus is even literally “Lucifer“, meaning “morning star” (“light bearer”), which is what Venus is. Not always, but it is now. Because…

…after spending the past ~10 months as the Evening Star in the western sky, Venus just reached inferior conjunction on August 13 marking the beginning of its Morning Star phase i.e becoming “Lucifer”.

By August 21, Venus will be far away enough from the Sun to become visible at dawn rising over the horizon, officially “born” as the Morning Star or literally “Lucifer rising“… from the underworld.

Gates of Hell opening” is the underlying key theme – one we’ve been tracking very closely all year, now set to intensify further per “as above, so below”.

Ominously, another key theme being expressed through Venus is the “weighing of the heart” in the Hall of Ma’at which is quite literally where one faces judgment at the gates of hell/heaven in ancient Egyptian tradition (in our model interchangeable with the Great Filter).

It was back in mid March that Venus was in the news for recent volcanic eruptions (literally stuff coming out of the “underworld”)…

…and the volcano was specifically Maat Mons – literally named after the Hall of Ma’at of the weighing of the heart!

Plus, the news coincided with a deadly earthquake in Ecuador (March 18)…

…highly relevant as Ecuador just had two political assassinations on August 9 and August 15

…directly overlapping the Venus inferior conjunction or the “birth of Lucifer” on August 13. So that’s… a bit dark.

Note that “Ecuador” means “Equator” (and is indeed on the equator). The earthquake and the Ma’at volcano news came just a few days before the spring equinox which astronomically means the Sun was aligned with the Earth’s equator. “Equinox” in turn means “equal night”, alluding to the fact that it’s when day and night are equal in length i.e. in balance… evoking the weighing of the heart in the Hall of Ma’at at the gate of the underworld.

All this (and much more which we won’t go into) reflects the nature of events looming ahead of us with “Lucifer” rising out of the underworld. The period we are entering now, with a number of windows (time codes) already discernible, is potentially existential and…

Well, enough for now. Stay tuned…

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Aug 20 Russia says its Luna-25 lander crashed into the Moon
Aug 20 Spain wins Women’s World Cup for the first time
Aug 20 5.1-mag earthquake rattles Southern California as state gets soaked by tropical storm
Aug 21 850 still missing after Maui fires, mayor says
Aug 21 Storm Hilary aftermath: 10,000 without power, Palm Springs declares emergency
Aug 21 Baby killer Lucy Letby to spend rest of life in prison

All hell breaking loose in California (joining Maui) without being too deadly for now (intense windows still ahead including September).

And how “as above, so below” was this evil “Lucy” (=> Lucifer) story making big headlines (top news in the UK) precisely when Venus was being born as the morning star/Lucifer?

All this is just the beginning

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This major event in Russia on August 23…

Aug 23 Wagner boss Prigozhin apparently killed in plane crash in Russia
Aug 24 US intelligence: Intentional explosion brought down Wagner chief’s plane
Aug 27 Russia says it confirmed Wagner leader Prigozhin died in a plane crash

…was all about the chief of the Wagner group who led a shocking rebellion against Moscow back in June…

falling from the sky to his widely anticipated death…

…eerily following the “Lucifer rebellion” script i.e. the famous narrative of Lucifer rebelling against God and then falling, “cut down to the ground” and “brought down to hell”.

Isaiah 14

2 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:

14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

15 Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.

Coincidence? If not, what could it imply to have the pattern becoming increasingly real and eerily predictive? Well, things are looming ahead…

+ – + – +

UPDATE #3 (Aug 29)
“Luciferic Storm “Idalia”

The incoming hurricane “Idalia” is a classic “as above, so below” manifestation directly from the same pattern.

Lucifer” is the “morning star” which is what Venus is becoming right now as it emerges from the glare of the sun, briefly visible early morning around mid-late August. And right on time we have this hurricane named “Idalia” which happens to essentially mean… Venus.

You can look it up: It’s the epithet of goddess Aphrodite who is the Greek version of Venus.

Just so you know the patterns we track and project on STR are predictive thus real, and it’s only the beginning.

+ – + – +

UPDATE #4 (Sep 05)
“Morning Star King”

Venus as the Morning Star has historically been referred to as “Lucifer” literally meaning “light bringer” which in turn can be interpreted as “radio-active” (radio = light).

It’s been “radioactive” since mid August when Venus became the Morning Star/Lucifer, intensifying toward maximum brightness on September 19th. Per this sequence…

Jul 22: Venus retrograde starts
Aug 13: Venus inferior conjunction
~Aug 20: Venus is Morning Star (Lucifer)
Sep 03: Venus retrograde ends
Sep 19: Venus/Lucifer brightest

…the retrograde period from July 22 through September 3 (centered around the “birth of Lucifer”) was made “radioactive” via two sets of “nuclear events”:

Oppenheimer opening on July 21…

…followed by Russia taking ominous steps towards nuclear conflicts early September including the deployment of the “Satan II” nuclear missile system…

Sep 01 Russia puts ‘Satan II’ nuclear missile system ‘on combat duty’
Sep 05 Kim Jong-un to meet Putin in Russia for talks on supplying weapons
Sep 05 Return of US nuclear weapons to UK would be an escalation, says Russia

…as well as reports stating Putin plans to meet with North Korea’s Kim Jon-un for weapons deal.

Sep 05 Kim Jong-un to meet Putin in Russia for talks on supplying weapons
Sep 05 How worrying is a Russia-Kim Jong Un alliance?

Kim Jon-un is a Morning Star King” (= Lucifer) which is literally the nickname his mother gave him when he was a child.

[Profile: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un]

So what we’re seeing is a series of perfectly-timed “radioactive” headlines accompanying the Morning Star/Lucifer in the sky intensifying in September. “As above, so below” as always.

P.S. Don’t forget: The spot where Oppenheimer detonated the very first atomic bomb in history is now marked by a “capstone”…

…a mega theme we’ve been tracking since last year. The “capstone contagion” morphing into a countdown to kaboom

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UPDATE #5 (Sep 09)
Lucifer Birthquake

+ – + – +

UPDATE #6 (Sep 18)
Peak Threshold (hell gate)

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