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Super Torch Ritual

Peak Threshold (hell gate)

Venus is now peaking in brightness as the Morning Star or “Lucifer” since it became visible back around August 20.

~Aug 20: Venus becomes Lucifer (Morning Star)
Sep 19: Venus/Lucifer greatest brilliancy

During this period we’ve had a series of significant events as expected including two of the deadliest natural disasters of 2023 back to back, in effect a “Birthquake” (Morocco earthquake) and “water breaking” (Libya floods) expressing…

Sep 08 Morocco earthquake

Sep 11 Libya floods (Storm Daniel)

…”all hell breaking loose” or Lucifer emerging (born) through the Gates of Hell.

+ – + – UPDATE – + – +

Sep 20 UN chief warns of ‘GATES OF HELL’ in climate summit

+ – + – END UPDATE – + – +

All indications are that… well, think of it like this: This has been an epic and dark “birth” (genesis), and that automatically implies this is only the beginning and there are “hellish” things looming ahead for the rest of 2023 and into 2024.

The rest of September will continue to be intense with highly significant “omens”…

  • Sep 23: Autumnal equinox
  • Sep 24: OSIRIS-REx returns to Earth with pieces asteroid “Bennu” (symbolically huge)
  • ~Sep 29-30: Lucifer Alignment (Sun-Ven-Mer), “The Creator”, Vegas Sphere (symbolically huge)

Stay tuned.

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Context: ‘Lucifer’ Out of the Underworld