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Hurricane Lucifer from center of Moon

Aug 24 Tropical Storm Harvey projected to become Category 3 hurricane
Aug 25 US braces for worst hurricane in years
Aug 25 Harvey may leave parts of Texas “uninhabitable” for months

Hurricane Harvey, just hours from striking Texas as of this writing, appears to be a fulfillment of a big pattern we’ve been projecting for the window around late August. This hurricane is multicontextually associated with “Atlas“, Venus/”Lucifer“, and the Moon which just eclipsed the Sun over America with ominous signs.

Key symbolism of Hurricane Harvey is in the combination of 1) Harvey in the Gulf of Mexico, and 2) the name Mexicomeaning “Place at the Center of the Moon.

Harvey became a tropical storm and quickly grew into a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico just a couple of days after the Great American Solar Eclipse (Moon + Sun). This geographically places Harvey at “the center of the Moon“.

Something temporally places Harvey and the late August window at the “center of the Moon” as well…

From my recent Super Torch Ritual posts:

Aug 20 Eclipse & late August

…It seems pretty clear to me that the temporal focus, associated with the eclipse, is late August

Aug 23 Impact around late August

…the fact that the CERN LHC has a particle detector named ATLAS anchoring a smaller loop SPS which together with Venus (Lucifer) may be decoded to pinpoint ~August 30, 2017.

[Venus position August 30, 2017]

This LHC-solar system configuration implies Venus/Lucifer marking the center of the Moon in late August because the ATLAS/SPS loop in the Large Hadron Collider represents the Moon per my decoding of the LHC done years ago.

[See my 2015 article CERN’s Orion Stargate for more detail on
the decoding of the LHC.]

In this way Hurricane Harvey fulfills a major multicontextual pattern projected for late August (especially if the disaster continues into next week).

With the LHC’s reputation of being a sort of “stargate” or “hell gate“, and Venus being “Lucifer” (morning star phase), it seems Harvey is yet another expression of “Lucifer coming out of the gates of hell” – or less religiously, crossing Threshold 618 – which has been a big motif in August.

The catastrophic rainfall expected from Hurricane Harvey also goes well with the “Atlas” theme as Atlas in Greek mythology holds heavens on his shoulders. Without this “column” between the earth and the heaven, the sky falls… a la the Great Flood and Atlantis.

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