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Super Torch Ritual

Days of Nuclear Storms

The biggest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded (Irma); the biggest solar flare in a decade (X9.3); the Mexican “earthquake of the century”… all in one week. And it’s not over yet, especially for Florida.

Sep 05 Hurricane Irma Strengthens to Category 5
Sep 07 Hurricane Irma causes devastation across the Caribbean
Sep 08 Hurricane Irma will ‘devastate’ the US

Hurricane Irma coming on the heels of Hurricane Harvey dominated the news all week September 5-8 – the window I kept highlighting since late August here on STR:

Aug 31 September 5-8
“We may see a ‘delayed’ impact during the window of September 5-8…”

Aug 31 The Florence impact time code
“In this way we seem to have on our hands a secondary impact window that must be closely watched now – September 5-8.”

Sep 04 This week
“After Harvey, things are heating up again, and we are about to enter that ~September 5-8 window we’ve been mentioning…”

Sep 05 “Solar Storm” above & below
“We’ve entered the ~September 5-8 window…”

Sep 06 Judgment Storms: X-flare, Irma & American Dream
“~September 5-8 also happens to be our key window (since late August) based on various patterns…”

Irma’s timing and location make perfect sense in the multicontextual framework of this window which we won’t go into in this public post (involves components not “declassified” yet).

On September 6-7 Hurricane Irma devastated Caribbean islands – which may be considered “Atlantean” per the popular “Caribbean Atlantis” theory (Andrew Collins etc.) – and is now an immediate, grave threat to Florida where one of the largest evacuations in US history is underway.

The meteorological chaos was reflected above in the form of major solar flares. The Sun which had been very quiet for a long time suddenly became volatile, firing off major flares one after another starting on September 4th. A series of whopping seven M-class solar flares in the first two days (Sep 4-5) was capped off by a monster X9.3 flare on September 6th – the biggest solar flare in 10 years. (As I write this on the 8th/Friday the Sun continues to be very active.)

Sep 06 Sun Unleashes Monster Solar Flare, Strongest in a Decade

The X-class flare produced a fast-moving coronal mass ejection (CME) toward Earth which arrived late Thursday, September 7th, causing severe geomagnetic storms around the planet.


Just a few hours into the geomagnetic storm there was a monster magnitude-8.1 earthquake off Mexico late September 7 local time as if triggered by the solar/CME impact. This was called Mexico’s “earthquake of the century“.

Sep 08 Mexico’s strongest quake in a century strikes off southern coast

Recall that “Mexico” can mean “place at the center of the Moon” which, through our “LHC/SPS/ATLAS + Venus” code, pinpoints late August 2017 (see “Hurricane Lucifer from center of Moon“), interacting with Hurricane Harvey in the Gulf of Mexico and now with this Mexican earthquake. September 6 was full Moon as well.

[See my 2015 article CERN’s Orion Stargate for more detail on this LHC decoding]

[Venus position August 30, 2017]

The “ATLAS” part has all kinds of important connections which we won’t go into.

September 7-8 also saw a deep (brightness) dipping event of the Tabby’s/WTF/”alien megastructure” star. We are still watching how deep it will go.

“We are now at the deepest sustained dip since we began monitoring the star from the ground nearly two years ago.” – Tabby & team

Tabby’s star directly (in multicontextual way) relevant to the same multicontextual framework of the window.

The upcoming disaster in Florida will be American great flood #2 (hopefully enough warnings have been issued to minimize human deaths). Florida is the “Sunshine State”, obviously resonating with the solar impact events. This is reflected in the fact that Irma has been called a “nuclear hurricane“. The Sun and its flares are literally nuclear in nature (fueled by nuclear fusion energy generated in the core).

This also foreshadows something coming in the near future. (Like North Korea.)

And of course the same trial/Judgment/threshold context is in effect which pertains to the heart and fate of America.

Aug 22 Threshold 618 – American Eclipse
Sep 03 Dreaming in American Twilight
Sep 06 Judgment Storms: X-flare, Irma & American Dream

The Force is strong with the window and these events…

America needs to be a leader leading the world, not a grumpy old man yelling at neighbors. The world needs a real leader right now and time is running out. This is from my post back in June…

Jun 01 Disrespected Earth will respond in kind

It’s done – Trump has pulled the US out of the Paris accord. The plan is to “make America great again” by ignoring the planet going down in flames. That makes sense. If America weren’t part of the planet.

Jun 01 Trump on Paris accord: ‘We’re getting out’
Jun 01 Trump Pulls U.S. Out of Paris Climate Agreement

Now wait for Mother Earth to let her feeling about this known this summer/fall. Karma is a bitch and so is an angry Earth. Right on time too with the the Great American Total Solar Eclipse mega omen coming up in August. One or more mega “natural disasters” to strike America… Get ready.

And here we are.

Anyone can say stuff. Very few can back it up with predictions. So who do you think is closer to the truth? The loud ones that say what you wanna hear or the accurate ones that contradict your views. It’s not rocket science.

Stay tuned for more and stay safe.


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