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Judgment Storms: X-flare, Irma & American Dream

Following a string of whopping seven M-class solar flares in the past couple of days the Sun finally unleashed the Big One today. A X9.3-class flare (plus a smaller X-flare right before it) erupting from sunspot AR2673, this was the biggest flare in a decade, and the biggest of the current solar cycle.

Sep 06 Sun Unleashes Monster Solar Flare, Strongest in a Decade

A coronal mass ejection (CME) from the flare will likely hit Earth within a few days and will almost certainly cause severe geomagnetic storms, intense aurora displays, and perhaps some other things. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Multicontextually what we are seeing here is a classic “as above, so below” situation. Great storms above (solar flares & CMEs), great storms below (Harvey, Irma, etc.). Florida is the “Sunshine State”, which makes Irma – should it actually strike Florida around Sunday/Monday (Sep 10-11) – a symbolic “solar storm”.

Here on STR we started focusing on the Sun days ago and had already discerned the above/below “solar storm” mirroring effect. ~September 5-8 also happens to be our key window (since late August) based on various patterns including asteroid Florence.

Aug 31 September 5-8
Aug 31 The Florence impact time code
Sep 02 Irma-geddon
Sep 03 Growing sunspots
Sep 04 This week
Sep 04 Martian Storm
Sep 05 FIFTH big flare & CME timing
Sep 05 “Solar Storm” above & below
Sep 05 Irma-geddon – Part 2

Those storms are “Martian” in nature as well for a number of reasons. One of them is that there was/is a Regulus-Mars conjunction around September 5th…

…echoing the August 21 Great American Total Solar Eclipse at the same place.

As discussed in my recent articles…

Aug 22 Threshold 618 – American Eclipse
Sep 03 Dreaming in American Twilight

…Regulus and the eclipse had to do with the threshold of “dreaming“.

[The earthly Leo in the form of the Great Sphinx points to the “Dream Stele” right in front of its chest where Regulus would be, on which is inscribed a story about a prince who fell asleep and dreamt in the shadow of the Sphinx.]

So it’s no coincidence that the Trump administration announced the end of the DACA “Dreamers” program that very day, September 5th.

Sep 05 Trump Ends DACA “Dreamer” Program, Gives Congress 6 Months
Sep 05 Trump’s DACA decision triggers anguish, political firestorm

Another reason (and there are more) is that “Irma” can mean “goddess of war“, just as Mars is traditionally the god/planet of war.

Why Mars? Because there is an underlying message here that pertains to the “America crossing the Threshold (618)” theme powerfully expressed via the solar eclipse and associated recent events. America is being tested in the Hall of Ma’at – the “weighing of the heart’ – because as ordained by the structure of time/history itself a new New World has to be born in the 21st century. Mars has to be born. Mars is the next New World. America is forced to pass the torch to the next frontier and America has to decide how it wants to deal with the transition. It can disappear, or it can transform like the phoenix, by keeping the dream alive.

Atlantis is a cautionary tale.


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