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Super Torch Ritual

Blue Nile Origin

Well it’s just unavoidable, it’s the Time Rivers whispering again. More specifically the Nile or even more specifically the main Nile tributary – the Blue Nile – which is most responsible for the river’s summer inundation (now blocked by dams) triggered by the rebirth of Sirius (underway during the Dog Days). You know, the stuff of the extra-historical time injections that the world will be learning more about in the coming months, years and decades. (We are just really ahead of the curve on STR.)

Now, if you (for some reason) happen to think the whole Nile/Time River concept is an illusion or nonsense or just plain impossible... well, think again.

The Time River are part of the biggest secret in history, period. (Or evidence that points to the biggest secret in history.) Something simultaneously impossible and real reemerging into our consciousness at the end of history as the countdown clock ticks down closer and closer to zero... as it's destined to do in the 21st century. The fabric of reality itself - the Matrix - is very much "aware" of this fact.

And in summer 2021, we a...


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