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Told you…

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Just as I (re-)predicted yesterday… A huge development in the Trump/Russia investigation as Michael Flynn pleads guilty today on the first day of December. Told you. Just the beginning… (“A big development in the Trump/Russia probe” was very much stressed in my Nov 11 article “December possibilities” [sub req].)

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Here is from my Note yesterday, “Russian impact” (Nov 30):

I’ve been staying away from political/Trump topics of late in part because of their unbearable toxicity (not good for mental health) and in part because of the fact that I’ve already stated repeatedly what I thought would be the likely eventuality based on multicontextual clues. From the very beginning (summer 2016) my interpretation has been that the whole Trump/Russia situation is very serious, a Deep Impact event unfolding in slow motion, and that it wouldn’t go away like many thought/wished but instead intensify… until the big finale, which would be the collapse of the house of cards (Trump tower). Here I just wanted to add (more publicly) that for sometime now I’ve been viewing December 2017 as a window looking directly relevant to that big finale (though not necessarily the finale itself). So that’s one of the things to watch for in the multicontextually ominous month of December.

Here is from my Novbemer 11 article “December possibilities“:

So a lot there. It’s likely we’ll see some echoes from these in/around December, possibilities including:

  • A big development in the Trump/Russia probe (e.g. more indictments, closer to Trump, if not directly involving Trump; remember this is closely related to the double Deep Impact event of Russia/Rome/Rio)
  • […]


Dec 01 Michael Flynn pleads guilty to lying to FBI about Russian meetings


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  • Mutant

    I could be wrong, but I think Flynn was under surveillance since atleast 2006-2007, maybe even earlier. However, I’m now thinking he may have been under surveillance since 2014-2015, thats when I started making waves. Originally I thought it was Putin’s fault, but I’m now thinking it wasn’t his fault at all. I think the whole Flynn situation was my fault.

    • Goro

      You? Why?

      • Mutant

        Its a very long and complicated story but basically it has to do with “them” trying to create a new underworld order over there in Chicago. And then they were trying to use me as a fall-guy. The whole Flynn situation also has something to do with Brother Dumitru Duduman’s vision, Russia and China, from April 22, 1996 which can be found here: https://www.handofhelp.com/vision_36.php

        I said something stupid which set off a chain of events where people were caught and eventually tortured and then murdered. However, at the same time, they may have been using me to get to Flynn and everyone else that was involved.

        • Goro

          err… you suggesting you were/are a spy or something?

          • The Mutant

            lol no. I’m just a nobody that was set up, rebranded and thrown into a situation where I had to fight my life and the life of many others. Unfortunately, I screwed up and a whole bunch of people were tortured and murdered.

  • You lose

    “I told you so”…sounds like something T would say 😉