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Super Torch Ritual

Russian impact

I’ve been staying away from political/Trump topics of late in part because of their unbearable toxicity (not good for mental health) and in part because of the fact that I’ve already stated repeatedly what I thought would be the likely eventuality based on multicontextual clues. From the very beginning (summer 2016) my interpretation has been that the whole Trump/Russia situation isĀ very serious, a Deep Impact event unfolding in slow motion, and that it wouldn’t go away like many thought/wished but instead intensify… until the big finale, which would be the collapse of the house of cards (Trump tower). Here I just wanted to add (more publicly) that for sometime now I’ve been viewing December 2017 as a window looking directly relevant to that big finale (though not necessarily the finale itself). So that’s one of the things to watch for in the multicontextually ominous month of December.