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Super Torch Ritual

Threshold 2019

This summer, the clock is ticking...

Knock, knock, wake up Neo.

If you think about it, in life there is nothing more profound than crossing that reality threshold (which can take various forms). The desire to transcend this reality and who we are and time itself... It's consciously or subconsciously what drives us. Thus the power - both positive and negative - of religion, sex, drugs, music, etc.

It's also why we can never be truly happy or stay happy in this realm of linear time and physicality, because physical reality is fundamentally an illusion - an unnatural state - a la The Matrix. Temporary happiness is all we can hope for in this zoo. At the same time it is ironically the moment of transcendence called "death" that we inherently fear the most in life. Being immersed in an illusion for so long, our minds get warped beyond recognition.

Right now in early July we have the ...


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