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The Sequence

For the 13th time in a row since 2015, this celestial alignment has demonstrated its chaotic power and “impossible” consistency (California shaking big time yes?). On the heels of a total solar eclipse on July 2nd we have right now in our solar system a “Lucifer Alignment” peaking which we foresaw as extra intense and almost certain to do some serious damage.

You know a pattern is real when it is highlighted beforehand. That’s what we do here on Super Torch Ritual. We don’t babble after the fact which anyone can do. We demonstrate foresight regularly, the kind that should be “impossible”. It helps show that reality is not what most people think it is. But as Morpheus said: “I can show you the door, but you have to walk through it”.

The latest pattern fulfillment has so far come in the form of southern California earthquakes – or “Birthquakes” – on July 4th and 5th, the biggest ones in 20 years…

Foresight (mentioning “big earthquakes”):

June 29 Imminent Orange Lucifer Alignment

Lucifer Alignments are intense, and they rarely misfire. We’ve been tracking them since April 2015 and the consistency has been just remarkable. […]

It’s not just a Lucifer Alignment… it’s also simultaneously “Orange” with Mercury in the mix! […]

When you see a “Lucifer Alignment” coming… Watch out. Things tend to go kaboom. […] It comes and it creates chaos and it boasts a chilling track record. Big earthquakes, weather disasters, terror attacks, stock market chaos, you name it. Not a pretty picture. […]

And here we are, about to have the next, extra intense “Orange Lucifer Alignment”… closely coinciding with the final game of the women’s World Cup taking place in France (July 7) which adds another layer of symbolism and esoteric meaning.

If you were around last time, you know not to underestimate Lucifer Alignments; you saw with your own eyes the warning issued beforehand and the subsequent fulfillment. The kind of “impossible” sequence you just don’t see regularly anywhere else outside of STR.

A “Lucifer Alignment” produces a window extending ~4 days in both directions from peak day which in this case is ~July 8, making the window ~July 4-12. This is the 13th Lucifer Alignment we’ve highlighted since 2015. No lucky guesses involved in this.

On July 1st we added total solar eclipse to the mix, emphasizing the United States:

July 01 Eclipse, World Cup & America

Tomorrow, two days before Independence Day, a total solar eclipse will glide across (South) America… […]

That’s an incredible sequence and a powerful sign. […] Setting the stage for what’s to come this summer and beyond, including one potentially just days away

Three days later… The biggest earthquake in 20 years strikes southern California.

+ – + – + Pattern fulfillment + – + – +

+ – + – + – + – + – + – +

Foresight reminder right after the quake:

July 04 American Birthquake

A major earthquake striking Southern California on America’s birthday… 2 days after the “American (re)birth” eclipse we were highlighting [in connection with] what we’ve been calling an “Orange Lucifer Alignment” which is producing an unusually intense window [early July], as described in “Imminent Orange Lucifer Alignment“ […]

And it’s not over yet. This is just the beginning

Another reminder about the active window ~July 4-12:

July 04 Lucy has landed

[…] Quick note on the timing: Though the Orange Lucifer Alignment peaks around July 8th, it is a window that can extend 4-5 days in both directions. This has always been the case with Lucifer Alignments. […] Plus, we are going through a major sequence right now involving a total solar eclipse (July 2), Independence Day (July 4), [], World Cup final US vs. Netherlands (July 7), and Orange Lucifer Alignment (~July 8). We are right in the middle of it right now.

The next day (July 5th, or 6th already in Europe an Asia), a much bigger earthquake – whopping 7.1 magnitude – struck the same region in southern California.

– + – + Pattern fulfillment + – + – +

+– + – + – + – + – + – +

Is it over? No. The window is still open. Plus there is a bigger sequence underway that goes beyond this early-July window. Remember what I wrote on July 1st:

Setting the stage for what’s to come this summer and beyond, including one potentially just days away…

We’re not going into the details on that or the “Contact” aspect of this in this public post.

Here at Super Torch Ritual, we don’t babble, we demonstrate “impossible” foresight, and show that reality is much different from what most people think. It triggers a major “earthquake” in your brain… Ring ring, wake up Neo.