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Super Torch Ritual

American Birthquake

A major earthquake striking Southern California on America’s birthday…

…2 days after the “American (re)birth” eclipse we were highlighting…

…with the warning:

That’s an incredible sequence and a powerful sign. […] Setting the stage for what’s to come this summer and beyond, including one potentially just days away

…due to a combination involving what we’ve been calling an “Orange Lucifer Alignment” which is producing an unusually intense window, as described in “Imminent Orange Lucifer Alignment“:

Lucifer Alignments are intense, and they rarely misfire. We’ve been tracking them since April 2015 and the consistency has been just remarkable. […]

It’s not just a Lucifer Alignment… it’s also simultaneously “Orange” with Mercury in the mix! […]

It comes and it creates chaos and it boasts a chilling track record. Big earthquakes, weather disasters, terror attacks, stock market chaos, you name it. Not a pretty picture. […]

If you were around last time, you know not to underestimate Lucifer Alignments; you saw with your own eyes the warning issued beforehand and the subsequent fulfillment. The kind of “impossible” sequence you just don’t see regularly anywhere else outside of STR.

And it’s not over yet. This is just the beginning…