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The Memphis Vector & Phoenix

An abbreviated summary of the “Memphis” vector created by the “capstone contagion” in January.

in effect the “Memphis Pyramid” whispering “capstone”…


1) The Elvis family: Lisa Marie Presley (Elvis’s daughter) died on January 12th, 2 days after Austin Butler won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor for his role as Elvis in Elvis. Both Elvis and Lisa Marie (born in Memphis) are buried in Memphis.

Lisa Marie was once married to Nicolas Cage whose National Treasure movies have consistently highlighted the “All-Seeing Eye” capstone.

2) The Memphis police violence: The situation exploded on January 26-27 when the police officers responsible for the death of Tyre Nichols were charged with murder (Jan 26) followed by the public release of videos showing their assault (Jan 27).

In terms of timing it was an orbital mirror from ~November 15-16 when we saw a cluster of at least 3 major “capstone” events collectively announcing the “arrival of the capstone” (NASA’s CAPSTONE reaching the Moon, Artemis 1 with a capstone logo launching to the Moon, and “1899” with a capstone theme launching on Netflix). Both pinpointed by an apex of the orbital pentagram:

In ancient Egypt (remember, the original “Memphis” was the first capital of ancient Egypt) the original/ideal capstone was the Benben Stone which in turn was more or less interchangeable with the Bennu bird (often depicted perched on the Benben)…

…which is turn has traditionally been identified with the phoenix.

And Phoenix (Glendale) in Arizona is where the Super Bowl will be played on February 12th…

…coinciding with the birthday of Abraham Lincoln who now resides in the Lincoln Memorial…

…staring all day everyday at…

…the official “capstone” of the United States known as the Washington Monument.

An obelisk just like the one in Heliopolis where the Benben Stone was likely venerated.

+ – + – +

San Francisco is another “phoenix city” in the United States…

…with its own pyramid/capstone in the form of the Transamerica Pyramid.

It was just south of San Francisco in Half Moon Bay that the second California mass shooting took place the day after the Lunar/Chinese New Year (the first one was near LA on Jan 21).

The Moon was “new” on the Chinese New Year. It was “half” (first quarter) on January 28th, coinciding with the Memphis situation and the NFL playoff games on January 29th which included the San Francisco 49ers. Those games decided the teams playing in the Super Bowl which will be under another “half moon” (last quarter).

Something of a lunar sequence under way and… well, as discussed in “Capstone Contagion“, the capstone and the Moon do go hand in hand.

And then comes… March. :-0