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Project STRGate

There is a good chance I'll start Phase 3 of my psi project this week, which is basically a demonstration of real-world applications of psi. I think what I'll do is try to predict whether or not the stock market (Dow Jones) will finish the day up and repeat the trial process 20 times. I'm hoping for a 75% or better success rate. If done right, that should be achievable but psi is so temperamental (and Universe may fight against it) that we'll have to see what happens and make adjustments along the way if necessary.
This is going to be very experimental. It may go as well as it did in Phase 2, or it may do worse. If worse, then it's going to be a great learning opportunity. If good, then... well, calling it a "game changer" would be an understatement.
With Phase 3, we are also giving the...


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