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The Pope & the Fifth Element

This happened yesterday (Oct. 26): Pope Francis talking to ISS astronauts and it was almost as if they started talking right after reading The Fifth Element Code!

Oct 26 Hello to the Heavens: Pope Francis Phones the Space Station

…Pope Francis then pointed out a painting in the room where he was speaking that is based on the “Divine Comedy,” a narrative poem written by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri in the 14th century. That poem refers to love as a force “which moves the sun and the other stars.” With that in mind, Pope Francis asked the crew, “What do you think about referring to love as the force that moves the universe?”

This question resonated with Russian cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin, who replied by telling the Pope about an audiobook he recently listened to called “The Little Prince.” In the story, a young boy is ready to give up his life to care for the person who was closest to him. “The best example of what is love is perhaps what is shown in this book,” Misurkin said through a translator. […]

Note: The Divine Comedy is about Paradise and Hell (other dimensions).

So things straight out of The Fifth Element Code: Paradise/Hell/hyperspace, love as (a manifestation of) the fifth element, and even The Little Prince!

The timing matters as well: The Great Sphinx causeway was aligned with sunrise – something also discussed in The Fifth Element Code.

Why such crazy coincidences? And how? An elaborate ritual/conspiracy orchestrated by humans? Or, more likely, the Fifth Element working in mysterious ways?

[Big hat tip to reader Kimber who brought the Pope-ISS conversation to my attention!]

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