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Super Torch Ritual

Peak Reality

With "eyes to see and ears to hear", you can sense it coming before it happens.

Reality has a multicontextual mind and it takes a multicontextual mind to hear its whispers. To hear the whispers is to hear the future. But to hear the whispers you have to know where and when to focus your attention. That's what Super Torch Ritual specializes in and regularly pulls off on a level you don't see anywhere else.

It's not always easy to see it in action but when what I call "inter-contextual coherence" peaks during key windows it's just a matter of you recognizing what's right in front of you.

Sometimes inter-contextual coherence spikes so powerfully even "normal" people can't help but notice such parallels forming in reality. (Of course they can't take it beyond "huh, that's weird...")

You pay attention, and "they" pay attention. How "Contact" works. Yes, Contact.

Case in point... Being on STR, you are automatically…


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