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Our Lady burns again

A dramatic fire of a “Church of Our Lady” in the orange nation Netherlands on November 4th echoing Notre Dame – “Our Lady” – 7 months ago similarly collapsing and losing its spire…

Nov 04 Hoogmade church in Netherlands completely destroyed after a major fire [Google translated]

A major fire completely destroyed the church of Hoogmade (in the Netherlands) on Monday. During maintenance, the church caught fire, after which the characteristic spire of the Church of Our Lady collapsed in the afternoon. “This is really dramatic,” says one of the local residents. “The church is the heart of Hoogmade.”

(Hat tip to reader Thomas for the Dutch news link.)

[“Church of Our Lady” fire in Netherlands – Nov 4, 2019]
[Notre Dame cathedral fire in Paris – April 15, 2019]

…also echoing multiple themes highlighted in our recent articles (see “Wormwood Sequence Update” Nov 2).

Fire, early November, Orange, Mary, Notre Dame…

A notable signal coming right on time marking the start of our November sequence along with the “Maria Fire” near Los Angeles, a city actually named for Our Lady and overlapping Orange County.

As above, so below: The “Lucifer Alignment” was peaking simultaneously around November 3rd, extra meaningful here as the previous one – discussed most recently in “Sum of All Fears” – was a hybrid we called “Orange Lucifer Alignment” peaking around July 8th…

…coinciding with women’s World Cup final between the US and… the Netherlands.

[July 7, 2019]

Preceded by powerful earthquakes in southern California not far from Los Angeles/Orange County.

The pattern continues…