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Oscars: Royal Atlanteans

Like the Super Bowl earlier this month, the Oscars last night was quite “Atlantean” in nature mixed with a more obvious motif of the British royal family which we’ve already highlighted as intensifying this month.

And by “obvious” I mean this obvious from the get-go:

Queen kick-started the show.

Then came the second winner of the night for the first prominent category (best supporting actress), Regina King, whose name means “Queen King“! You can’t make this stuff up.

The theme continued with Queen Latifah introducing The Favorite nominated for Best Picture, a story about the reign of Queen Anne, the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland…

…and with Olivia Colman who played the queen winning best actress.

And then there was Hellen Mirren and Jason Momoa showing up together on stage once again expressing “Queen” and “King”. Helen played Queen Elizabeth II (current queen of the United Kingdom) in The Queen (2006) and Jason just played the rightful king of Atlantis in Aquaman.

Here the extra message seems to have been: “connect Atlantis and the British Royal Family “, underscored by at least two events that transpired the day before.


Feb 23 Prince Harry and Meghan arrive in Morocco

Morocco… (h/t reader Dean)

…is the Atlas Mountains (Atlas = king of Atlantis) immediately to the south of the Strait of Gibraltar or “Pillars of Hercules” i.e. the Atlantean gate per Plato.

Second, on the same day an Altas Air jet crashed near Houston, killing 3. (h/t reader Matt.)

Feb 23 Atlas Air 767 cargo jet, part of Amazon fleet, crashes in Texas; 3 people onboard killed

These were preceded by an “Empire” actor’s hate crime hoax making huge headlines.

Feb 21 “Empire” star Jussie Smollett ‘staged hoax attack over salary’

The actor – Jussie Smollett – was born on the same day as Prince William, June 21, 1982. (h/t reader James.)

The “empire” would then be the British Empire? Somehow analogous in some way to the Atlantean empire?

One of the most memorable commercials during the Oscars was the trailer for Disney’s new remake of The Lion King. Jussie Smollett’s character in Empire is named Jamal Lyon.

The Lion King is all about (the succession of) a royal family, a prince who comes back from exile to take his place as the rightful king of the Pride Lands.

Perfect. Essentially the same “Atlantean” story as Aquaman.

Just as the Oscars started with Queen, it ended with a princess – Princess Leia.

The last words uttered by the final winner of the show (Green Book) – Best Picture – were: “I would like to thank Carrie Fisher!” who played Princess Leia.

Princess Leia… Empire Strikes Back… The Galactic Empire led by Darth Vader… Hmm, getting a bit darker.

The Force is strong with this pattern.

Indeed, the Force must be really strong with Meghan’s Atlantean/Martian baby set to come into this world around April. I mean, even the Oscars stage looked like some giant baby might come out of it…