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Super Torch Ritual

Atlantis Rising via Super Bowl

[NOTE – Feb 3: This article was published on Saturday February 2nd, the day before the Super Bow.]

Atlantis rising” – a key theme we’ve been tracking for the “realm beyond 2018” (“Pillars of Hercules”)…

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It is coming… It starts in 2019.

The “whispers” from the underworld get louder and louder as we get closer and closer to the resurrection of Atlantis… And remember: Atlantis and cataclysm go hand in hand. Atlantis is inherently “Deep Impact”.

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…including the 2019 Super Bowl

Jan 19 Super Atlantis Bowl [premium]

Super Bowl is coming soon on February 3. And this year it’s going to be… you guessed it, Atlantean!

…taking place in Atlanta, with a phoenix rising city flag/seal…

…blatantly expressing “ Atlantis rising“.

Opening with a bang (Super Bowl weekend)…

Feb 01 Meteorites strike western Cuba

A meteor broke apart over western Cuba on Friday, hurtling numerous pieces of various sizes to the ground in several towns in Pinar del Rio province, the state-run Granma newspaper reported.

One meteorite landed with a “loud explosion” in the town of Viñales, Granma said.

Researchers from several Cuban agencies, including the Institute of Geophysics and Astronomy, confirmed the meteorite strikes, Granma reported.

…in Cuba, which has been popularly considered to have been Atlantis. Researcher Andrew Collins for example has written at least two books on the subject. (UPDATE Feb 3: His theory heavily involves a cometary “deep impact” scenario.)

The meteorite even exploded near the western edge of Cuba…

…where a “sunken city” was discovered back in 2001…

…widely viewed as a potential proof of Atlantis at the time (though the story went silent after 2004 without being proven and disproven).

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On top of this the Cuban meteor strike came on the heels of the “Super Blood Wolf Moon” on January 20th which received a lot of attention…

…and was centered precisely on Cuba.

As we noted back then:

It’s a very American total lunar eclipse (“Super Blood Wolf Moon”) we’ll see tonight… And very Atlantean.

The eclipse will peak right above Cuba/Caribbean which happens to be one of the most popular Atlantis locations highlighted by researchers (Gateway To Atlantis by Andrew Collins, for example).

Plus, something weird happened with it that makes a lot of sense now: A meteorite hit the Moon right during the eclipse!

What are the odds?

  • Jan 20 Super Blood Wolf Moon pinpointing Cuba, hit by meteorite
  • Feb 01 Cuba hit by meteorite 2 days before “Atlantean” Super Bowl
  • Cuba (Caribbean) is potentially Atlantis per popular theory

‘Tis the season for Atlantis indeed. As also said in Aquaman (released in December):

“The time has come for Atlantis to rise again”.

This is just the tip of the iceberg…

UPDATE – February 4
CONFIRMED: Atlantean Super Bowl