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Super Torch Ritual

Military-Industrial Grail Matrix

This article is a multicontextual “red pill”. Do not read if you don’t want your perception of reality changed forever. If you’re like me, you live for those moments. If not, and if you’re not ready, this might break your brain. So be warned and proceed with caution.

STR readers are already sufficiently aware of this mega theme in reality though that doesn’t mean all readers are convinced, which is fine. Healthy skepticism is always welcome, as long as the mind is still open to possibilities. By its nature symbology leaves room for subjective interpretations and denial. It is indeed a big leap to go from “might be real” to “is real”. Something changes deep inside your brain. A reality shift. When it happens, it’s magical. Or terrifying for some.

This article, for many, will be that leap, that reality shift.

Yes, there is a whole different, advanced world – “Dreamland” or “breakaway civilization” – coexisting with our world that has an “alien agenda” and operates in a much bigger context than most people can imagine. It’s hidden “underground”… where the Grail stream flows.

The Holy Grail in its capacity as the...


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