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Miami, Floyd & UFOs

A new wave of the “Great Flood” hitting reality as we speak (as expected)…

Started with a (symbolic) “epicenter” off the coast of Florida on June 18th…

Jun 19 Shocking Images: America’s Newest Aircraft Carrier Endures Explosive Tests Off Florida

…followed by “the first wave” arriving in the form of a condo building collapsing on June 24th…

Jun 24-25: Miami building collapse: 159 missing
Jun 25 Miami building collapse: Visual guide

…in Miami, Florida where we have the name “Miami” meaning “Big Water”, essentially synonymous with “Great Flood”.

The very next day came the finale of the Derek Chauvin/George Floyd murder trial…

Jun 25 Chauvin sentenced to 22.5 years for murder of George Floyd

…amplifying the underlying theme as here too the city’s name Minneapolis means “water city” and etymologically “Floyd” can mean “Flood” per our past discussions, interacting with the fact that the trial began on the day (March 29) the Suez Canal reopened in effect expressing “floodgate opening”.

George Floyd “couldn’t breathe” drowning in the “Great Flood” so to speak.

All of this is collectively foreshadowing things to befall reality during and beyond the Dog Days of summer, about to be triggered by the “rebirth” (heliacal rising) of Sirius historically inseparable from the annual flooding of the Nile which was at the heart of the ancient Egyptian civilization.

It’s no coincidence that the US government released a highly anticipated UFO report mere hours after the conclusion of the “Flood” trial in the “water city”…

Jun 25 UFO report released: Government can’t explain 143 of 144 flying objects

…opening at least symbolically a “floodgate” for things heretofore kept secret from the human race.

The UFO report was prepared and released by the Pentagon’s UAP task force in response to a formal request by Senate intelligence committee chair Marco Rubio from Miami, Florida. His name means “Mars Red” (or blonde)… which is more meaningful than you may think.

In the 21st century… the final century… it’s about time – in more ways than one.

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