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Lunar Wormwood

A quick note about the symbolism of NASA’s Artemis 1 mega-rocket headed for the Moon (uncrewed) which is rather… nuclear.

The name “Artemis“…

…is inseparable from “wormwood” after all which in turn is inseparable from “Chernobyl” (meaning “common wormwood”).

Artemis = “Artemisia” = Wormwood
Common wormwood = “Chernobyl”

Nuclear Deep Impact.

The 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster took place in Ukraine – the exact same country we see in the news everyday in 2022. Not coincidentally there is an ongoing situation right now in Ukraine chillingly evocative of Chernobyl.

Also worth noting: The Ukraine-Russia war started in February when the film Moonfall – all about the Moon and destruction – was released. Both Moonfall and the Beijing Olympics started on February 4th with the latter concluding on the 20th just 4 days before the start of the war.

Feb 04: Moonfall release
Feb 04-20: Beijing Olympics
Feb 24: Russia invades Ukraine

[Moonfall imagery during Beijing’s opening ceremony]

Then in May there was quite literally a financial “Moon fall” black swan event in the form of a massive “Terra Luna” crypto/stable coin collapse… which has been described as the biggest wealth destruction event in crypto history.

“Terra Luna” as in Earth and the Moon…

+ – + – +

It was also in 1986, just 3 months before Chernobyl, that NASA’s space shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after launch, killing all astronauts on board.

+ – + – +

So… rather ominous on many levels. The Ukraine/wormwood/Chernobyl symbolism gives us extra insights into the Artemis I mission while at the same time Artemis I will give us extra insights into the Ukraine situation as well as others including the precarious situation in the United States (remember how the Mar-a-Lago FBI raid somehow got linked to “nuclear” information?) which won’t end well.

An unstoppable countdown to…

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