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Comet Elenin, as you may recall, was all the rage back in 2011. It was everyone’s favorite “doomsday space rock” or “Nibiru” candidate for some strange reason and a lot of people were watching it closely as it approached Earth… until it reached its closest point on October 16th, and then… nothing. Elenin quickly went away like any other comet. Doom enthusiasts and Nibiru fans could only shrug and move on with their lives.

Except, something remarkable did happen. You just had to have multicontextual awareness to see it. [...] As I quipped around that time: “Unmistakable, but humans being humans, no one else seems to have noticed such a big signal. Elenin delivered its impact, and people were looking up at the sky wondering why nothing was happening. It’s like a silly cartoon scene.” [...]

But you may be wondering, why are we talking about this now?



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