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Leonardo & May Queen

The rebirth of Leonardo da Vinci and the Holy Grail/Royal Blood moves on to a new phase on Friday, May 24th as the biggest exhibition of his work in 65 years commences at the Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace, the headquarters of the British royal family…

May 23 Leonardo da Vinci drawings go on display at Buckingham Palace

LONDON: Leonardo da Vinci’s thumbprint and preparatory sketches for some of his most famous works are going on display to the public at Buckingham Palace, in what is being billed as the biggest exhibition of the artist’s work in more than 65 years.

Marking 500 years since his death, Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing, which opens at The Queen’s Gallery on Friday (May 24), boasts more than 200 drawings by the Renaissance artist, taken from “the unrivalled holdings” in Britain’s Royal Collection. […]

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UPDATE – May 24

And there it is… the British prime minister Theresa May announcing her resignation just down the street from Buckingham Palace on the opening day of the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit at Buckingham Palace…

…effective June 7th. Which is “Dark Phoenix” day (movie release). Rebirth. (Note: Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday coincided with Easter or Resurrection Day this year.)

The Queen and May… “May Queen”… evoking the Virgin Mary or Notre Dame once again.

[End update]

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It’s amazing what’s happening. We saw it coming and it’s unfolding before our eyes…

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