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Super Torch Ritual

Hope, Mars, Darkness

[Continuing from “Space 2021” & “Mars 2021“…]

Whispers of a real Space Age echoing through the threshold of awareness… including the mass-audience event known as the Super Bowl.

Video links: Inspiration4 | Star Trek Universe | Pringles |Dexcom | Rocket Mortgage #1 | Rocket Mortgage #2 | etc.

The Weeknd at the half/mirror time… whose real last name is Tesfaye meaning “hope“…

…just like the UAE’s Mars probe “Hope” reaching the Red Planet tomorrow (February 9) mere 2 days after the Super Bowl.

One of the three probes getting there this month…

Feb 09 UAE Hope arriving at Mars
Feb 10 China Tiawen-1 arriving at Mars
Feb 18 NASA Perseverance landing on Mars

Opening Pandora’s Box as it were, as our final destiny begins to unfold. All encoded in the river of time. Alternatively a “final solution” for humanity, with darkness also rising from the depth of the abyss.

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