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Guns in Paradise

Dark Pattern of Marilyn Manson & Massacres

It started the day before the massacre in Las Vegas, triggered by Marilyn Manson’s stage accident in NYC where gun stage props fell and crushed his leg…

Sep 30 Marilyn Manson crushed by prop on stage

…encoding dark and “prophetic” symbolism first highlighted in my article Marilyn Manson Hellgate signal, posted before the massacre:

In terms of foreshadowing near-future events, there is probably something to the fact that two big guns fell on Marilyn Manson. Guns falling “from the sky”… alluding to ballistic missiles and the North Korea situation? The 2nd amendment (gun rights)? Gun violence a la Columbine? North Korea aggression on/around Columbus Day (October 9/12)?

Hours later gun bullets “from the sky” (32nd floor of Mandalay Bay hotel) took the lives of 58 concertgoers.

Oct 01 58 dead in Las Vegas mass shooting

A gun attack from above, during a concert, Marilyn Mason notoriously associated with the 1999 Columbine high school massacre, etc. There were so many eerie and disturbing connections, a lot of which we subsequently covered in Sleeper in Vegas.

And we knew the pattern wasn’t done yet…

Fast forward to November 5th for some serious deja vu:

Nov 05 Texas church shooting leaves 26 dead

The worst mass shooting in a place of worship in modern US history. And once again, Marilyn Mason and his gun prop making headlines on the same day

Nov 05 Marilyn Manson aims fake gun at San Bernardino concert audience
Nov 06 Marilyn Manson Defends Pointing Fake Gun at Audience

…from San Bernardino, a city still healing from a recent mass shooting terror attack that left 14 people dead. Marilyn Manson was performing “We Know Where You Fucking Live” with a fake gun, the same song highlighted in my article Sleeper in Vegas for its crazed gun violence and a strong religious/nun/Christianity theme.

If that’s not a foreshadowing…

On the same day (Nov 5) we saw the release of the so-called “Paradise Papers“, a huge leak of financial documents – a set of 13.4 million confidential electronic documents – exposing how the elites use complex structures to protect their cash from higher taxes. Highly symbolic as this was an eerie continuation of the paradise/heaven (destruction) motif found embedded in the whole Marilyn Manson/Vegas pattern, namely Manson’s new album “Heaven Upside Down” and the massacre taking place in Paradise, Nevada (part of Vegas).

[“Heaven Upside Down” released on Oct 6, 2017]

All on the same day, November 5th.

The pattern is undeniable and unsettling…

…and not done yet.

Remember, remember, December to remember…

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