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Sleeper in Vegas

This whole thing is getting a bit too conspiratorial for my taste but if that’s where the pattern wants to go then that’s where we are going, following the white rabbit down the rabbit hole…

Symbolism, though typically too nebulous, can lead to valuable insights with proper treatment. Here on STR we excel at turning symbolism into foresight, which is arguably the most powerful insight of all. With hindsight and foresight together we unite reality and imagination, crossing the Threshold. That’s exactly what we’ve been doing with the Las Vegas massacre. We did have a strong inkling something was up, something imminent with the theme of “guns from above” or more generally gun violence. Las Vegas was also on our radar as a key location…

A little snippet from my article posted hours before the mass shooting:

In terms of foreshadowing near-future events, there is probably something to the fact that two big guns fell on Marilyn Manson. Guns falling “from the sky”… alluding to ballistic missiles and the North Korea situation? The 2nd amendment (gun rights)? Gun violence a la Columbine? North Korea aggression on/around Columbus Day (October 9/12)?

– From “Marilyn Manson Hellgate signal” (red emphasis added)

Marilyn Manson’s “hell gate” signal turned out to be prophetic indeed…

Guns From Above

On Saturday night, September 30th, Marilyn Manson was injured during a concert in New York when a large gun-shaped prop accidentally fell on him on stage. After laying on stage for several minutes he was carried out on a stretcher and taken to hospital. His injury was severe enough that he subsequently had to cancel nine tour dates. Striking visuals, striking symbolism… (Watch video.)

Sep 30 Marilyn Manson crushed by prop on stage

A gun attack from above at a concert… involving a figure associated with a mass shooting event (Columbine).

(Note: Marilyn Manson’s music was notoriously accused of being a factor in the 1999 Columbine High School mass shooting.)

A day later a man with machine guns opened fire at a large crowd of concert-goers in Las Vegas. The gunman was reportedly on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel close to the concert area.

Oct 02 At least 59 dead in Las Vegas mass shooting

A gun attack from above at a concert… the deadliest mass shooting in US history.

Paradise No More

The senseless killing turned a paradise – the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada – into hell. “Heaven Upside Down“…

[“Heaven Upside Down” – Oct 6, 2017]

…is the title of Marilyn Manson’s new album coming out on October 6th.

Kill, Kill, Kill For Me

The latest single off Heaven Upside Down is “kill4me” released just recently on September 20th. The lyrics can send chills down your spine…


Let’s grab a gold switch blade
And make us a blood pact, babe
To love and to fuck and to only see ourselves
And remember this

Your hotel hall won’t be so vacant
And I can tell that you ain’t faking
Because I take death threats
Like the best of them

Would you kill, kill, kill for me?
I love you enough to ask you again
Would you kill, kill, kill for me?
You won’t be kissing me unless you kill for me
Kill, kill, kill for me

Bloody noses are just like roses
But what happens when we are betrayed?
Won’t you drag him to the shed
And unload six rounds in their fucking face?
This is a sacrifice

Your hotel hall won’t be so vacant
And I can tell that you ain’t faking
Because I take death threats
Like the best of them

Would you kill, kill, kill for me?
I love you enough to ask you again
Would you kill, kill, kill for me?
You won’t be kissing me unless you kill for me


It is well known in conspiracy theory circles that butterflies are associated with trauma-based “mind control” or Project Monarch (MK ULTRA). People who can be triggered to kill… in theory. The handler would say “Would you kill, kill, kill for me?” and it gets done.

A telling “Monarch” event within hours of the Vegas mass shooting…

Oct 02 Monarch Airlines collapse: UK’s biggest peacetime repatriation under way

Marilyn Manson resembled a butterfly right before the accident on Saturday night as he stood between the two big guns which became his “wings”…

Marilyn Manson was in the middle of performing “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”…

Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused.

You may have noticed the alleged shooter’s picture with his eyes closed, as if dreaming…

For a whole day this was the only picture of the shooter shown in the media.

Eclipse & Sphinx

In the opening sequence of the “We Know Where You Fucking Live” music video (the first single off Heaven Upside Down released back on September 11th) a total solar eclipse appears to trigger a group of gun-toting nuns…

…a scene highly reminiscent of the video game Hitman: Absolution – all about professional assassins.


As discussed in my articles (links below), the Great American Solar Eclipse on August 21st took place right in front of the star Regulus – meaning “Prince” – at the heart of the celestial lion or Great Sphinx.

In front of the chest of the actual Great Sphinx we find the “Dream Stele”, a slab of stone with a supernatural tale of a prince who falls asleep and dreams in the shadow of the Sphinx.

Related STR articles:
Aug 22 Threshold 618 – American Eclipse
Sep 03 Dreaming in American Twilight

Quite chilling then that the Las Vegas mass shooting took place right in front of the replica of the Great Sphinx at the Luxor hotel.

Equinox & Revelation 12

Like the Great Sphinx at Giza, the Luxor sphinx is oriented due east so that the beast’s gaze aligns with the sunrise on the equinoxes. This took place most recently on ~September 22

…coinciding with the release of “kill4me” (Sep 20), the second and latest single off Heaven Upside Down.

Your hotel hall won’t be so vacant […]
Would you kill, kill, kill for me?

Sphinx, hotel, Heaven/Paradise, killing… It’s all there.

The equinox also coincided with – and I’m sure you heard about this – a supposed Biblical doom date this year on “September 23“. Something about some supposed planetary alignment that supposedly interacts with Revelation 12 i.e. chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation.

As reader Matthew was quick to note, the first song on Heaven Upside Down is titled… “Revelation #12”.

*    *    *

There you have it. There are many other clues involving asteroids and such foreshadowing something still coming in the near future. But this is enough for now as far as highlighting Marilyn Manson’s multicontextual role as an Antichrist-like figure foreshadowing America’s deadliest mass shooting event.

Try not to assume, however, that Manson himself was consciously aware of any of this, or that any of this was a consciously planned sign or event. Let’s not oversimplify. Reality is exceedingly more complex than most conspiracy theorists would like to assume. Once you realize synchronicity is real, the collective unconscious is real, psi is real, retrocausality is real, the Matrix is real… you realize it’s foolish to just go with the easy and lazy explanation of “it’s a big Illuminati conspiracy!”. Yes conspiracies are everywhere, it’s human nature. But there are things so much bigger that surround our reality. It’s a good practice to always remind ourselves we are but a frog in a well that cannot fathom the great ocean. All the frog can do is try to find clues and at least try to imagine the ocean.

That’s basically what we do here on Super Torch Ritual. We discern and synthesize multicontextual signals leaking into our reality, like hearing Enki’s whispers through the wall, hoping perhaps one day we’ll get to actually see the great ocean. Perhaps we are in a race against time: Either we jump out of the well first or we’ll end up drowning in a Great Flood long scheduled to engulf our planet in the 21st century.

P. S. It’s been brought to my attention that Playboy founder Hugh Hefner who passed away on September 27th was laid to rest in a crypt he bought right next to Marilyn Monroe’s on September 30th – the exact day of the Marilyn Manson concert accident.

  • Marilyn Manson, whose real name is Brian Hugh Warner, came up with his stage name by combining Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson
  • Marilyn Monroe was the cover girl on the first-ever issue of Playboy in 1953 which catapulted the magazine to success

Hefner reportedly said “Spending eternity next to Marilyn is too sweet to pass up.” He added: “I’m a believer in things symbolic.”

Sep 27 Playboy founder Hugh Hefner dead at 91

[Hugh Hefner Laid to Rest Next to Marilyn Monroe in Private Ceremony]

Symbolic indeed.


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