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“Great Alignment” of Election Day

Election Day is just 4 days away. And so is the “Great Alignment“, the overlooked “sign in the sky”.

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The “Great Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st…

…is an epic, once-in-20-years astronomical event…

…the tightest conjunction since 1623, magically coinciding with the winter solstice, the “darkest day” of the darkest year.

Astronomers are excited and astrologers are excited. No one however is really paying attention to the heliocentric version of it. The “Great Alignment” I call it…

…where Jupiter and Saturn would align with the Sun instead of the Earth. It’s just as rare and just as epic, just not as easily seen from the Earth. Taking shape more under the radar, it is a potentially more powerful “sign in the sky”… coming up on November 2-3 pinpointing US Election Day (Nov 3)!

The timing is telling indeed…

The previous Great Conjunction & Alignment took place back at the turn of the millennium in 2000 which was the year of the Bush-Gore presidential election debacle

[How the 2000 Election Came Down to a Supreme Court Decision]

…ultimately decided by the the Supreme Court.

Echoes already felt around us now via Amy Coney Barrett’s very recent Supreme Court nomination, confirmed by the partisan final votes in the Senate on October 22-26

Oct 22 Judiciary Committee sends Barrett nomination to full Senate
Oct 26 Barrett confirmed to Supreme Court justice

…precisely coinciding with a powerful, pre-highlighted “Lucifer Alignment” peaking on October 23-24

…which was a direct precursor to the “Great Alignment” both of which featuring the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn. Extra alignments during the Lucifer Alignment and tighter precision during the Great Alignment.

The final sequence toward the last domino lurking in the dark winter. So much more to the story but enough for now…

P.S. Lucifer Alignments typically come with earthquakes, market chaos, etc. No exception with the latest one:

Oct 19 M7.5 earthquake near Alaska triggers tsunami warning

Oct 28 Dow sinks more than 900 points for its worst drop since June amid rising virus cases globally
Oct 30 Stocks just wrapped up their worst week since March

Oct 30 M7.0 quake hits Turkey & Greece, killing at least 14

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