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Super Torch Ritual

Florence Time Vortex

Super Torch Ritual tracks many patterns and cycles including two particular orbital alignments forming a few times every year to produce chaotic events on this planet, typically natural disasters, market turmoil, and such, I’d say 85% of the time. One is what we call “Lucifer Alignment” – a heliocentric alignment of the Sun, Venus and Jupiter. The other one is what we interchangeably call “Orange Alignment” or “Golden Apple Alignment” – a heliocentric Mercury-Sun-Venus alignment. The Force has been stronger with the Lucifer Alignment in recent years but the Orange Alignment is an old-timer doing its thing since late 2004, seemingly triggered by Ukraine’s Orange Revolution, the Sumatra mega quake/tsunami, and the passing of Pope John Paul II. We’ve been tracking it for 14 years now, not just the alignment but also “orange” as a ubiquitous theme in general. (See Orange (Golden Apple) Alignment – What is it?.) It can still pack a powerful punch when extra conditions are met to amply its energy…

Such is the case with the one coming up on September 13-14, an Orange/Golden Apple Alignment with pentagonal underlying geometry:

Sure enough, it will likely coincide with the monster hurricane Florence making landfall in the East Coast of the United States (Sep 14).

This is not just a hurricane. It signifies a “temporal vortex”.

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It’s no coincidence that the previous pope Benedict XVI made his exit via a pentagonal Orange/Golden Apple Alignment in February 2013…

…interacting with a meteor deep impact in Chelyabinsk, Russia…

….producing this geo-alignment pinpointing Rio…

Sep 02, 2018 Brazil’s national museum in Rio hit by huge fire

…which is at the heart of “House of Cards” Russian Deep Impact (Aug 24) concerning an epic collapse underway in the US.

Florence is a phoenix at the end of an age. Time churns. Destruction and Rebirth.

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